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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bookworms In Dresses At My Door

Dear friends,

You know by now that being in a blogging community one tends to make friends, watch/read other vlogs/blogs and join in giveaways. And guess what?! I won again :p This time I joined a giveaway hosted and sponsored by Jessica from Bookworms in Dresses. Everyone jumps after audience and stats and ratings and followers and in the end they loose their track and they forget why they even started writing. Well Jess has around 60 Bloglovin followers, 87 Twitter followers and 103 Pinterest followers and... sorry... I do not have an Instagram account so I cannot tell hom many she has there... but you got the point! She cannot be named as a huge blog with hundreds of followers but it is a blog I look up to. She is longer on the blogosphere than I am with this blog and I believe she still managed to achieve more than I would have in that time.
Keep Calm And Read A Book! :)
Sometime last year, in December mid-month, I won the giveaway on Sometimes Z Takes Pictures. The prize was given by Jess and it was quite an extensive one! This Tuesday was my Monday - as you know Monday we had it off so we could take care of the Embassy paperwork... - so due to the lack of sleep, change of temperature, heavy duties at work and so on... I arrived home deadly tired. I checked as usual the mailbox and guess what?! Some small bookworms in dresses were expecting me! :o Well not really :p I had to run to the post office and get the pack but I already had a huge smile on my face. Smile that transformed into a huge grin when I saw the inside of the package! 2 awesome books I can hardly wait to read and review for you guys - but you need to wait a bit as the To Read List is quite extensive... + a cute arc notebook for the purse with the cover "Keep Calm And Read A Book" + a book sign (I think...) with a ballon (I like it very much in a weird creative way!) + a small tattoo design of Jess (with a rose and a quote). I can hardly wait to read the "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson, but more intrigued I am by the "F NISH TH S B  K" by Keri Smith where you can make your own story and explore yourself :) Actually - without revealing much - you can read a bit more about this HERE ;)
Here is her short description offered just for you when I asked her to present herself for you lads/lasses:
"Jess here! I started my blog last year to share my love of books, cats, and fashion. Blogging is a blast! I'm the kind of girl that always has a notebook in my bag to write things down and a book in hand. To me, there's nothing better than sitting near a window with a cup of tea and a new book. 
:) Jess"
Ain't this a cute selfie, or what?! :)
You can also find Jess here: Instagram/Twitter/GoodReads/Pinterest. Or directly on her blog - Bookworms in Dresses :) I suggest you drop by and check out this ladies blog as she is simply adorable! You may fall in love with her ;)

**I did not receive anything to do this post, I made it out of love for Jessica who gave me this cute giveaway pack that made me smile wide and jump for joy!**

Yours truly,
The LadyBug Who Reads Bookworms in Dresses