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Monday, 27 January 2014

Grannies Are The Best!

Dear friends,

I shall let you in a little secret - that has already been stated in the title, who am I kidding, that is no secret! :p - and that is: Grannies are the best & I miss my Granny! I miss her and I love her very much so I thought I may write a bit on my blog over how awesome she is :) My Grandma is the perfect combination between parent, teacher and friend. It is said that a Grandma never runs out of hugs or cookies, well Buna - this is how I call my Granny - never run out of those ;) in a combination with kind words and great advices she got to our heart. And truly - from the bottom of my heart - I can say that there is no better place than my Grandparents place :) It always feels like home, it always feels right and I can ALWAYS get rest no matter how tired and stressed I am. It is like a breath of fresh air :)
Homemade "Papanasi"
I would sit here and talk endlessly of what an awesome Granny I have - and how much of her I see in me and how much I love, admire and respect her - but I am afraid you may get bored or think I am getting too sentimental. You may/may not remember when I wrote about my Granny's bday :) or when I told you a bit more about my childhood and why I am how I am or when I showed you the oldest picture I own - a picture of my Grandparents :) Right now I shall attempt the impossible and try to tell you a few or the things I love about my Granny:
  • My Granny and Grandpa raised me and my sister up until we went to 5th grade and took care of us like we were the most special human beings in this world. We are theirs princesses :) But that did not mean my Grandma was not fair and that she knew how to teach us right from wrong. She teached us how to behave when we are alone, how to behave when we are in company, how to behave at home and how to behave when at the theatre/movies and so on... each moment in time is special and different and one has to act accordingly.
  • My Granny was the most awesome teacher ever - she used to teach classes from 1st to 4th grade and EVERYONE!!! wanted to have their children taught my her. She was an exemplary teacher and because I was a pain in the arse and left kindergarden 1 year early as I thought there was nothing more the teacher there could teach me - and Granny and Mum agreed - I used to go to her classes. I could always feel and see the love and respect the children had for her. Even now she is contacted by them and they write and phone to her even if they are miles away - even from across the pond, from the USA! She is wise and she had developed along time a perfect way of teaching. She also did a lot of extracurricular activities that brought her a lot of prizes and she even went to Moscow because of that ;) What can I say, I am proud of my Granny!
  • My Granny is the most awesome cook in the world and I hope that one day I will be able to cook half as good as she does! She knows so many receipes by heart that she always amazes me. She loves to experiment and it is not a singular case when she just opens the fridge and looks around and creates a new dish that just makes your senses go wild. I don't know how she does it... she is just magical! Everyone who tasted her food praises her and want her receipe but noone manages to do it as good as she does ;) I believe that is because she ads a lot of love in it ;) My husband adores her cooking and his personal fav are the Romanian receipe of meatballs - we call them "parjoale" ;) He is able to eat by himself a whole huge bowl of those, without stoping ;))) When I was small I used to sit and watch her cook, ocasionally helping out and also learning how to setup the perfect table and being an adorable host ;) Through watching her I learned how to cook my awesome "ficatei cu mamaliga" (liver with onion and kinda italian polenta) and create my biscuit roulade ;) I did not try yet to do papanasi - you can check the picture above, that is how they are supposed to look like ;) - as it involves a frying pan and I am a bit terrified by those... but I shall try, one day! :)
  • My Granny is my best friend - she understands me and when I talk to her and look in her eyes I cannot ever lie to her. Her heart is the closest to my own that I ever know and I am happy to say that I am more like her than anyone else - that does also state that I am like my Mum, so don't get me starting on things like "Oh! But you love your Granny more than your Mum!" as that is not true. I love them both with all my heart but in different ways! She is my role model in life and I will always look up to my Granny as she made the best of herself and always tested her limits. I can talk her about anything and everything and I know that in the end I will learn always something new. 
  • My Granny is a fighter and I am proud of her, every step she takes! She comes from a very big family with a lot of brothers and sisters - I still cannot cope with the number of aunts and uncles scattered around the world... - and she had to raise most of them, as she was one of the older ones. She managed to get from the town to the city and studied and became the greatest teacher the city had. She was and still is respected by everyone as she was kind and strict at the same time. She did not use the power she had and she was not corrupted and she did her best to be the best version of herself. She always wanted the best for my mum and the best for me and my sister. She helped my Grandpa in his work and she always supported him in what he did and always had dinners for his work/party collegues. Now my Grandpa is gone, he died a week before my civil wedding and she choose not to tell me so I would celebrate that day with all my heart. Althought I do not agree with her decision, I respect it and honor it and cherish it as she wanted to keep me safe, as she always did when I was a small child... She is a strong woman and even though she is far away from me I know that she can go on. I hope that my children will meet her and she will tell them stories about what a piece of work I was... Granny, please stay strong :* and always remember that I love you! And Pinocchio loves you too ;)
This post was made out of love for my awesome and lovable Granny who is back home with my Mum and my adorable sister. I miss them all a whole lot! and I really hope to see them very soon... maybe in March, so keep your fingers crossed for me, please :)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug that loves her Buna very-very-very much! :*