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Monday, 13 January 2014

Keep Them Crossed Tight!

Dear friends,

Please keep your fingers crossed for us today. Sunday Afternoon I boarded the bus with one of my delightful and cute and darling Polish friends. She now lives in Warsaw and she came to visit us. She was supposed to come for the civil wedding and she even had her bus tickets bought but then she caught a flu and had to stay in bed for over a week :( But back to the story of today: I went with Kasia to Warsaw as we still have some unfinished business with The Wedding. Getting married would be an easy thing to do if we were both Polish or both Romanian, but hey! We are not! And we like being all multicultural so we shall suffer for that ;) Now you know my whinings from our first trip to the Romanian Embassy in Warsaw, today you will find out the second - and hopefully the last! - part of this lovely paperwork moves... When you get married in Poland your marriage is authorised only on Polish land. Not Romanian! Even if we are in EU! So what I must do is register the marriage on Romanian land as well. Thankfully the Romanian Embassy does this things remotely! I just needed to get to Warsaw with all the papers needed + the money for the tax (95 Euro, my friends!) + the money for the URGENCY tax (another 15 Euro). Hopefully if all goes well and all the papers are in order (like last time) I will be able to get the papers done in the same day, maximum 2-3 hours tops!
We Said "I do!" and We signed :)
Mr. & Mrs. :)
Now my awesome husband took care of all the wedding translation paperwork - for his birth certificate and his ID/Passport + the wedding certificate which are all in Polish language and hence had to be translated into the Romanian language for the Embassy - and we had to go to Warsaw and treat with my fellow Romanian people from the Embassy. By the time you are reading this post I shall probably be in Warsaw preparing for the Embassy talk and freacking out if I will manage to get things fixed in time. Thank God my husband will be here! He could not come on Sunday with us but he came this morning, by bus and we shall meet soon. Needless to say that I already have the bus ticket to come back the same day, today, at 5 pm. Please be so kind as to keep your fingers crossed for me and pray that all will go fine and I will be able to pick up the paper that recognises the marriage also on Romanian land. Why?! Well... let's just say that the next day I will be heading to Romania - to Iasi - for more paperwork... I need a new Birth Certificate - guess what?! it gets retained by the Polish authorities when you are applying for the marriage! - a new ID - as I changed my name so my ID is no longer valid... - and hopefully a new passport too... All in the time frame of 10 working days - 2 weeks and a weekend of vacation days that actually will not be vacation days... Who said getting married is a piece of cake was not in their right mind!
Now you must all understand that marriage suits me and I love my husband a whole bunch and he is my best friend and comforter but you also need to grasp the other side of all these paperwork to be done and time to be spent in a million locations... Be focused and try to stay positive along the way! In due time I will let you know how that went and maybe post some more pictures of Warsaw in Winter clothes ;) In the meanwhile enjoy these 2 adorable (my personal fav!) pictures from our Civil Ceremony done last year on the 7th December - the most perfect Christmas/Saint Nicholas present ever!

Yours truly,
The (A Bit Stressed) LadyBug :)