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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Remembering: Christmas Time And Some Mulled Wine

Dear friends,

Hope you had a kick arse New Years Eve combined with an awesome Christmas next to the ones you love and care. Christmas for me was always the time with family and close friends. A time for remembering and relaxing and having fun with the ones that matter most for you. New Years Eve ment having fun time with friends and of course the tradition of having close by the things you wanted in the next year - a handful of money and keeping the hand of the one you love most!
I know I did not manage to keep myself up-to-date the last week with all the blog reading and posting of the newest pictures I took so I wanna appologise for that... I will blame it on Christmas and New Years Eve... I will blame it on the weather - darn it, it is so freaky! It is like spring is here, rather than Christmas. Come to think of it in 2013 we had snow in Easter and we had an Easter Snowman, so... hello there Global Warming!
The Perfect Piucture For A Christmas Card :) The Christmas Eve Selfie ;)
We were lucky enough to spent this Christmas with friends. We had friends coming over for Christmas Eve and I remembered the times when I was small and my Granny was having guests all the time ;))) The first 3 pictures are actually taken on Christmas Eve, after all guests went home or went to bed (yes, we had sleepover guests as well ;) thank you Alex for joining in :* ) so excuse the tired faces, I still believe the selfie with the both of us and the tree in the background is the best picture we both had this Christmas and could be perfect for a Christmas Card - small issue... I never sent Christmas cards :p
The next day, after the last guest left, we agreed we should have a small walk to the Main Square so I can see my beloved St. Mary Church - in which we could not enter due to the largest queue I even seen! mindblowing! I did not expect so many people on Christmas morning to be out and about... We also wanted to have some goodies. Christmas Time = Mulled Wine time. Unfortunately the whole Main Square and its Christmas Market was overflooded with people and there were dozen of people in queue for mulled wine and other goodies - hey! everything was closed on the 25th and 26th so you cannot blame people, I guess, for wanting some sweets from the only places that were actually open... Some Restaurants and liqueor places were open - not whole day though - for emergency shopping/eating. But sincerly I was shocked of the amount of people awake and running out and about at that hour. I was expecting people to sit tight at home and watch TV or sleep or rest their tummies after eating the 12 course Christmas Eve dinner... but no!
Due to the large amount of people in queue we agreed to rather go to the Restaurant and drink the mulled wine there. Bonus: you get to sit down and enjoy the view ;) Our choice was the place that we already knew - and you are if a faithful reader you may have recollections of this place from this post here ;) - the Restaurant/Cafe Noworolski - by it's Polish name: Kawiarnia Noworolskiego w Sukiennicach. They have their own Facebook Page and they are still working on their website.
Noworolski regardless of coffee and cakes is a most unusual place that few people are aware of. When Lenin was exiled from Russia at the start of WWI he ended up in Krakow and held court at the Noworolski plotting the Bolshevik Revolution. He received couriers from Russia who received instructions how to proceed with the revolution. One of the couriers was none other than young Stalin then known as Josip Vissarionovich.
The Sleepy Pidgeon - too much food and drinks on Christmas Eve, right?!
The Main Square - The Christmas Market - flooded with people
Christmas texting...
Concentration is key in doing the perfect text message for Christmas ;)
My adorable husband had a warm honey drink and I had the traditional mulled wine, which was warm and delicious and spicy and had a sweet orange taste about it. I do recommend it ;)
Weirdly enough I noticed the receipt just now... I believe it is quite cute and personal :)
Bonus for the place: location - location - location :) In the heart of the city, everything is in hand and you get to see so many things happening. The prices are affordable and they have really good mulled wine and shakes in the Spring-Summertime ;) 

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Yours truly,
The LadyBug