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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Remembering: Happy New Year 2014!

Dear friends,

I really hope you had a merry little Christmas and a kick arse New Year! :) I know I had and I know I was happy to have people I love around me. Now you know all about our first Christmas as a Family so now you will know more about our first New Years Eve. We did not know what we will do until the last moment and our plans were a bit vague... we knew that we wanted to go for the first time in the Main Square to see the fireworks, that was for sure! But except that we knew nothing. A day before New Years Eve I did some small food treats - the kabanos/cheese/olive on a stick thingies ;) - just to make sure we will have something in case I would be tired after work the next day. Yes! That's right! I worked on New Years Eve until 4:30 pm, my friends ;) But I did have 1st of January off :)
Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbours, and let every New-Year find you a better Man.  ~Quoted in Benjamin Franklin's 1755 Poor Richard's Almanac, December
Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year's resolutions, and I've stuck with it ever since.  ~Dave Beard
We did invite a few friends over for New Years Eve in case they did not have other plans - my little baby Kasia, my bigger baby Kasia and her boyfriend the terribilistic Silviu :p At a certain point we thought that we would spend the night together, just the two of us, but at around 6 we got a message from big Kasia telling us that they will be at our place at around 9 p.m. :) and that was a nice surprise. Kasia wore a gorgeous black drass that fitted her nicely - I am proud of my girl! She is pretty and smart <3 - and Silviu came in a black shirt and froze to death the whole while we were out for the fireworks - being too stubborn to close the jacket :p but I must admit that he was looking pretty nice ;) I particulary liked the feather t-shirt he had underneath!
We met small baby Kasia next to the Slowacki Theater and she was wearing small red devil horns that you could see miles away :) She is a adorable and cheerful and fun friend of mine. She has so much energy bottled up in her that she can turn into a tornado in an instant and I love her for that :* Both my babies - big and small Kasia - are in a way similar to us - me and Marek. I am proud and happy to call them my friends and I know that their hearts are good and they are not afraid to speak their mind. I believe the best policy in life is to be honest to yourself and the people around you. Be your best version of yourself!
The plan for the New Years Eve was to see the fireworks. In my over 3 years of being here I never managed to see fireworks in Krakow. The first New Year in Poland I spent it with friends in a pub/club where one of my friends/ex Team Leader was a DJ. And trust me, that was a kick arse party!!! The second year - last year - we went for the holidays: Christmas + New Year to Romania and spent the time home and with my family. New Years was done at my aunts place and it was warm and cozy and fun to be with family again and we got to watch the fireworks from a distance from my aunts balcony. You can check my fav pic from last year in my post here ;) Now this year we really did try to see the fireworks...
We went to Main Square, next to Sukienicce, on the side with Saint Mary Church... the other side was so packed with people you could not drop a pin! Not to mention that the main stage was located there! So we patienctly awaited until 11:45 for the fireworks... when we figured out that due to the fog and the lights placed for the New Year Show will not allow us to see a thing! (just check out the pictures, click on them and you will understand...) So we had a last minute change of plans and figured we should try to get to a higher ground - let us say Vistula or the Wawel Castle... Now you have to understand that 15 min is about enough to get you to the Castle if the roads are not full of carriages and people (not to mention drunk people or people putting fireworks!) so this was quite a challenge! But we made it ;) Unfortunately the fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife! (not to mention that Krakow is foggy by itself and one of the most poluted cities in Poland! + the smoke from fireworks and firecrackers did not help either!) We hardly got to see any fireworks... and the pictures I managed to take of the fireworks are so foggy that I will not even diminish my hard drive space with them...
Saying goodbye to 2013 and saying hello to 2014 was fun though :) We hugged and kissed and drank champagne directly out of the bottle ;))) (I cannot remember when I did that the last time!) We tried to watch fireworks, we had a walk along Vistula lighting firecrackers... and eventually we had a long walk home and wondered upon the mess people can leave after a huge party in the Main Square... I think some people think that is way too overrated to actually clean after themselves after a party... Before going to the Main Square I was told by multiple kind friends to take care not to get hit by a bottle in my head... now I understand why! And I am happy to say I survived without being hit ;)
I am happy to say that I made NO RESOLUTIONS for this New Year! And as Dave Beard said, I think I can stick to that. So many things happened last year it all felt like a rollercoaster sometimes so this year I will try to take one thing at a time and try to be happy for the things I have and less sad about the things I will lose. I am happy for the friends who were with me and even though we did not get to see the fireworks properly I still am happy for that night and I thank God I had my husband next to me, all the way! :) I thank God that we got the civil marriage last year and I thank God he is my best friend and comforter :* Kocham cie Pinocchio :* 

Yours truly,
A LadyBug With High Hopes For The New Year