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Thursday, 2 January 2014

The LadyBug Year In Review 2013

Dear friends,

As you very well know a few "moments" ago we passed into the New Year and as the New Year is always a moment of remembering and recalculating ones year of his/her life I believe it is normal that I shall do the same. This is not my first try-out as owner of a blog and I must admit last time I was not sure where and how I was going or who was following me or commenting me - if ever! But this year I have learned much more about that from my fellow bloggers. I have grown slowly but steady and I have made friends and found out blogs that are now very dear to me and I do not miss any of their post. When another door closes another one opens and so I began my journey with this blog and started telling you the stories of The LadyBug. On the 14th of June 2013 I did my very first post as The LadyBug :)
Blog Stats:
My Twitter is: - 312 followers
My Tumblr is: - 15 followers
My Pinterest is: - 56 followers
My Facebook Page is: - 101 followers
My Page Bloglovin: - 54 followers (My Personal Bloglovin: - 75 followers)
My Google+ Page can be found HERE :) - 11 followers
Top 10 Most Viewed Posts:
  1. Why Do We Love Audrey Tautou - with over 1179 views!
  2. White Roses from a White Heart - about a surprise gift for our civil wedding
  3. Musical Friday: I'm On Top Of The World - apparently a really attractive song for both me and my audience ;)
  4. We Did It! - we got the civil marriage! We are officially a FAMILY! Date: 7th December 2013
  5. Meet My Guest Swap Partner - a post about The Royal Family: Prince William and Kate Middleton
  6. The Big And Friendly Giant - a review on one of my personal fav children book ;)
  7. Late Post From August 1st: Warsaw Uprising - silent moments in Krakow Main Square
  8. Learn About The Human Body - more about The Human Body Expo
  9. Our Very Own Christmas Tree - our first Christmas Tree as a FAMILY :)
  10. Practically Perfect (In Every Way!) - Self Portrait for Blogtember hosted by Jenni
Here are my Guest Blog posts:

  1. Bekah's Blog - ReSolve - and was named The Lady Bug's Alphabet:)
  2. Tania's Blog - Rowdy Fairy - and was named Being Alone Vs. Waiting For Mr. Right 
  3. Dee's Blog - A DeeCoded Life - and was named Born and Raised in Vampire Land but not Afraid of Garlic -The Twisted Red Lady Bug (Post Swap)
And here are the lovely ladies who posted on my blog:
  1. Megan from Ginger Snaps did a DIY for some really cute earrings ;) 
  2. Dee from A DeeCoded Life - we were Guest Swap Partners ;) and she wrote about her fav Royals: Prince William and Kate Middleton
Award: Sunshine Award granted by Carina from Windswept Wishes
I can proudly say that since 14th June 2013 until this date I have over 30.400 views. My top 3 reffering sites are Facebook (of course, I am posting the links there on a daily basis... I have that even automated for my Facebook Page ;) ), Google and Bloglovin. The below printscreen was taken on the morning of 30th of December 2013 and as I have a daily count of at least 150 views (going up to 300 even, on good times) I believe it will not change much as my guests do not change that much ;) - here are the top countries that visit and the operating systems that they use:
This was a really fun and educational year when it comes to blogging and I hope I shall be sticking to this track :) Keeping my fingers crossed and wishing for an awesome New Year! 

Yours truly,
The LadyBug