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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Why Do I Choose Period Movies?

Dear friends,

I often ask myself why certain things drawn me in and why other I cannot give 2 pennys for them. I wish I would have an answer but I do not! That is the truth... my heart is more open to some things than the other and we cannot meddle in the affairs of the heart and we can not even try to understand them. Since I was a wee lass I was very much interested and drawn into history and art and literature... cultural things... I grew up with Alexandre Dumas books - both the son and father - and I remember even the time I catched the book The Black Tulip and I loved its cover so much that I wanted to read it but my mum told me it was not its time yet and I was too young - I was somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd grade... I devoured later on this book and the many others that these lovely writers wrote. It was like I was actually in France, in the skin of the hero, doing the things he was doing... Chivalry & Honor were one of the first words I have learned on the subject. Later on I discovered Jane Austen and the Bronte Sisters, who - in my humble opinion - created the genre of period books! and I just fell in love with them all for life... Later on I started to watch more and more period movies - adaptations of the wonderful books I have previously read - and my life changed. A lady would behave like a lady... well... unfortunately as much as I tried I could not fit under the lady model and I am afraid I would have been very much like Elizabeth Bennet and would have been caught off guerd reading a book everywhere with my hair in a mess and my petticoat stained in the mud... I would have been speaking my mind amd mortifying my family ;))) Now would not that be a sight to behold?!

I can't help melting away and feeling at home watching period movies. They make me think of times when people were more civilised, when courting a girl took time and patience. When the first kiss would be stolen and the marriage would be all white - symbolising the purity of the wife... When you would write long letters and await eagerly to get the reply. The horseback riding and the walks in the garden while reading a book... The dinners with the family and caring about the appearance but also about the persons... The times and the power that women had back then, even if we were not allowed to vote or speak out our minds properly...
I watched, I am watching and will always watch period movies as they are close to my heart. I watched the dozen of versions of Pride and Prejudice not for Mr. Darcy - although he is the most well known and sexy/hot character you will meet + not to mention that Colin Firth plays him divinely! - but for the way people were back then and how they behaved and how they loved. I love the way how girls were able to be happy from just buying a frock or a petticoat or even just a piece of ribbon to decorate their hats/dresses so they would look anew! It is true, the movies do not show you the dark side of the world, like having clear and regular water or washing properly or the hygene issues - like when people actually thought that washing can actually harm you so you should not wash more often than once a year... horrid!!! I choose period movies because I am a nostalgic and I love reliving the past by watching a 2 hour movie or a series that would make me think I am elsewhere, in another time. It gives you a feeling of escaping this mad world we are living in, in which time passes by like a torrent! It makes me think of a time when things were more still and settled and manners really existed. When you would bow and kiss a hand of a lady. When the lady would wear a glove and by dropping her shawl she would signal the one she loved that she is available. Oh! And he would just pick it up, help her in her way and sweep her off her feet...
Why NOT choose Period Movies?! When they are the closest thing to a fairytale one can get...

Yours truly,
The Period Movie Lover LadyBug