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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Non-Lady-Like Disney Princess

Dear friends,

I must admit it! I am in love with Disney and the Disney Princesses ever since I was a wee lass yet everytime they felt really hard to get to their height. It was just a dream to be as accomplished and beautiful and talented as they were - to be able to dance and sing perfectly so that birds would stop and sing along with them, with perfect fit dresses and flowing hair that gave you this expectation that when you will grow up it will be as wavy and as perfect as they had it... They were the ultimate ladies and the wish of every small girl - well except me, whom I always to be an accountant, but I still loved them nonetheless. Actually my personal fav was Belle, from Beauty & The Beast, as she was the most down to Earth girl/lady/princess in the bunch ;) She read books and she was more interested of the inside of the person than the looks/the outside - although she was so gorgeous with her curly hair tied up and those beautiful eyes...
It was such a great pleasure to me to see that the newest additions to the Disney Princess list are more and more human and not 100% ladylike - Merida, from Brave, is her very own saviour and she chooses her own destiny and Rapunzel, in Tangled, is the true hero of her story as she faces the unknown world outside the tower. The princesses are no longer saved by princes but they are the saviours of themselves and the ones they love. But still there was this perfection going on...
With Frozen they really did Let It Go - as the soundtrack song tells us ;) Anna's waking up scene in the morning of Elsa's coronation, is the perfect show of imperfection and non-lady-like Disney Princess behaviour. If you remember Sleeping Beauty and her waking up from the long lasting sleep, you will understand my meaning ;) Anna's her is messy and all over the place, she has no make-up whatsoever and her manners are of a local girl - yawning with her mouth wide open, scratching, stretching and god knows what... I know, I know they lived alone in the big palace, but still ;)))  Julie Andrews would totally not approve! :)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug who is happy to see a normal un-lady-like Disney Princess ;)