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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Come, Meet Me Where The Mulled Wine's Sweet

Dear friends,

If you are with me since last summer than you must have seen this post where I was telling you about some awesome creme brulle and our friendship to Monica, who moved to Oslo. If you do not remember that than maybe you do remember the post where I told you where to drink the best mulled wine in Krakow, in the very awesome pub called AntyCafe.
Well guess what?! Monica came to visit and we just had to meet at the same place we always meet: AntyCafe :) It is nice and cozy and you can hear yourself when talking - no need for shouting. They have good music, good drinks and good prices. Of course as it is still winter I choose the mulled wine, which was as usually exceptional and sweet and fruity - I love the fact that they add nuts and seeds and raisins and pieces of dry banana + the slice of orange. That wine done in this way lasts me usually longer than the normal one and my husband had 2 beers by the time I nibbled and crunched away slow as a snail...
As you can see on the pictures we met at 8:30 pm on a beautiful Friday on the first week of this month and we had a bit of talk and fun :) You have to excuse the quality of the pictures as they were taken by the camera on my phone, on the BlackBerry, as I came straight from work and had no time to bring it. I met with my awesome husband in town and as we were early - the first ones on the reservation - we had a walk and we quickly ate a kebab before coming to AntyCafe.
My husband recommands the new beer he tried that night - you can see a picture of it above. I think it is called Piwo Na Miodzie and as far as I could see it was done in Krakow - it is beer with honey so it is a bit sweet, mind you! I on the other hand urge you to try the mulled wine, especially if it is a cold night/day - it will warm you up from inside.
Shot meant to be artistic of candle reflection by the beer bottle...
It was extremely lovely to see our friend again. We are happy each time she comes back to Krakow and we get to see eachother. She now lives in Oslo and before she used to work with us in the same company, same project. She is a talented young lady that does hula hooping and creates her own hula hops - not just for her, she does it for others as well, from scratch :) If you want a hula hoop or you are interested in this, I think all you need to do is go here - the Polish Hula Hooping Comunity and post an inquiry. I bet she will jump in for your help ;)

** I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love! I was not payed in any way and these are my own opinions and feelings! ** 

Yours truly,
A Very Supporting LadyBug :)