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Friday, 21 February 2014

Musical Friday: Listen To The Rain

Dear friends,

Enya was born on May 17, 1961, in Ireland, Enya performed with her family's band Clannad. Her first solo success came from producing ethereal music for the BBC TV show The Celts. Her 1988 debut solo album, Watermark, sold more than 8 million copies and was followed by the even more successful Shepherd Moons (1991). Other albums include Memory of Trees (1995) and Amarantine (2005).
Irish singer Enya was born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin on May 17, 1961, in Gweedore, Donegal, Ireland. Born into a family of musicians, Enya played keyboard alongside her siblings in the Irish band Clannad before pursuing a solo career. Her first success as a soloist was producing television scores for the BBC.
Enya's debut album, Watermark (1988), blended Celtic folk songs, synthesized backdrops and her other worldly vocals to create a distinctive sound some describe as New Age. The album sold more than 8 million copies and was followed by Shepherd Moons (1991), which enjoyed even greater success.
Other albums include Memory of Trees (1995), Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya (1997), Day Without Rain (2000) and Amarantine (2005). In 2002, Enya contributed the hit score "May It Be" for the first Lord of the Rings film.
I always loved/admired Enya with her wonderful soothing voice. I could listen to her for hours without end. Is it by chance that she came into my life before Lord of the Rings film? I think now! You may not know of her and she may not be popular in the terms of nowadays - she does not screetch and say she is singing, she uses just her own beautiful voice, she does not undress or "accidentally" show body parts in order to intrigue people or get them to buy her album, she is content with how she is and how she represents her lovely green country like a true Irish lass. 
Each time the rain is falling I am thinking of this song... and it makes me think of calm and warm moments, when you are inside the house - maybe with a cup of tea in your hands - and you are just watching the rain through the window... Rain in a constant in our lifes, even if we do not see it. We most of the times run away from it and hide ourselfs but sometimes we should just embrace the feeling of the rain on our skin, arms out wide... Rain can be both a blessing and a burden. When you are happy you can dance in the rain and when you are sad you can just hide away in it and cry - no soul will notice...
Listen To The Rain - Enya

Every time
The rain comes down,
Close my eyes and listen.
I can hear the lonesome sound
Of the sky as it cries.

Listen to the rain
Here it comes again
Hear it in the rain

Feel the touch
Of tears that fall
...They won't fall forever
In the way the day will flow
All things come,
All things go.

Listen to the rain
...The rain...
Here it comes again...
Hear it in the rain
...The rain...

Late at night
I drift away -
I can hear you calling,
And my name
Is in the rain,
Leaves on trees whispering,
Deep blue sea's mysteries.

Even when
This moment ends,
Can't let go this feeling.
Will come again
In the sound,
Falling down,
Of the sky as it cries.
Hear my name in the rain.

Yours truly,
The LadyBug who is a huge Enya Fan :)