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Monday, 10 February 2014

Russia's First Gold

Dear friends,

I got all worked out and worries since Friday till last night when I watched #Sochi2014. I was telling you in this post about how the Winter Olympics are The Ultimate Test for the athlets. And also about how mad/panicked/upset/disturbed (You name it!) I was over not catching Evgheni Plushenko on Thursday as I thought everything will start after the Opening Ceremony on Friday. It took me a while to figure out Sunday evening that actually what I was watching was a first! In these Olympics a new item was introduced along the individual performances for Men/Woman/Pair/Pair Dancing on ice! I watched the first Team Figure Skating Competition in the Winter Olympics!
So fret not, this week the individual performances will take place ;) But Sunday evening I had the pleasure to watch as Russia won the 1st #Sochi2014 GOLD in team figure skating; with Llinykh, Katsalapov, 15yr-old Yulia Lipnitskaya & legendary @EvgeniPlushenko. The 2nd place was held by the Canadian team and the 3rd by the United States of America, buoyed by Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who won the short and long program in ice dancing.
  • Russia - 75 points 
  • Canada - 65 points
  • USA - 60 points
  • Italy came on a close 4th place with  52 points
 Russia won fair and square and their stars shone bright upon the ice ring. Evgheni Plushenko was unstopable as he competed in his 4th Olympic Games of his career. He attempted only one four-revolution jump, not wanting to threaten the team gold, and became the most decorated Olympic skater in the modern era. He now has four career medals, having won the men’s singles competition in 2006 and silver in 2002 and 2010. Only Gillis Grafstrom of Sweden, the Olympic men’s champion in 1920, ’24 and ’28, and a silver medalist in 1932, can match Plushenko’s total of four medals. “Many skaters are good, but Evgeni has charisma,” said Alexei Mishin, his longtime coach. “He radiates power. He radiates a sense of beauty. He radiates something what spectacles need. The majority loves him, the minority jealous.” Though he skated safely and cautiously Sunday, Plushenko can still land effortless quadruple jumps and feathery triple axels despite having screws in his back from surgery. He said he felt pain in his spine Sunday, though, which raises questions about whether he will compete this week in the individual men’s competition.
Yulia Lipnitskaya, 15, of Russia, won the short and long programs in the women’s team event and became the youngest gold medalist since Tara Lipinksi of the United States won the women’s individual competition at 15 at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan.With the flexibility and fearlessness of youth, and gravity and emotional resonance in her performance to music from “Schindler’s List,” Lipnitskaya established herself as an emerging challenger to Kim Yu-na of South Korea, the reigning Olympic champion.
I can hardly wait for the results of this week for the Ice Skating and I am keeping my fingers crossed for both Evgheni - may he recover and be well and able to perform as I have known him for many years - and Yulia - may she shine bright as she did last week as she is a sight for sore eyes! Here is the program in the printscreen below of the times of broadcast (Russian Time)
I am firmly aware that most probably I will not get a chance this year to watch Evgheni live working his magic - I will be at work at that time - but I am still rooting for him! Sunday I was so very upset that I actually burst into tears. Here in Poland we - me and my awesome husband - agreed that we have no need for a TV as all we want can be found online. I also have to mention that here watching ice skating is not popular at all! (back home we would not miss it each year, be it nationals or world championship or especially Olympics!)  
I started searching for some live stream since Friday and I could not find a single thing! My last shout was on Facebook this Sunday - well thank God For FB as sometimes it is really helpful! - and some friends provided multiple options. Some of the options would not work in Poland, other would work only on Romanian land, others would just not broadcast... It was painful and hard as I watched the Biathlon 7.5 km Women Sprint transmitted by the Russian TV Station and yet there was no Ice Skating... Unfortunately I missed my second chance to see Evgheni live at the Olympics... That is when I burst out crying as I was waiting for that moment for more than a year, when he said he would come back just for that! Finally the transmission turned on to the ice skating and I managed to see at least Yulia Lipnitskaya working her magic in a red dress under the soundtrack from Schindlers List - remembering me of the little girl in the red coat from the movie. I also managed to see the pairs and the Ceremony where Russia got their first gold medal - as a team :)

P.S. Unfortunately I got to see yet another fail in the organisation of the #Sochi2014. When awarding them with the bouquet of flowers at the end of the ceremony, one boy from the Canadian team did not get his own. That is sad! 

Yours truly,
A LadyBug in love with Ice Skating :)