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Monday, 24 February 2014

The Little Mistress

Dear friends,

Today I shall tell you a story about The Little Mistress... The Little Mistress is a lovely online shop that sometimes organises really nice competitions and PR events. Right now they are having a running campaign called "Win £500 to Spend at Little Mistress!" that is aimed at the UK Bloggers.
Navy & Cream Lace Detail Wrap Over Long Sleeve Dress
Here is part of their invite for the bloggers: 
"Little Mistress are giving you the chance to win £500 to spend online! You'll get to stock your wardrobe full of lovely Little Mistress goodies for doing something that comes naturally to most of you - wishlists!

To enter and be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is create a wishlist style blog post featuring items from Little Mistress. You can choose any items on site that you love to build you look, but to give you a little help, why not go for a girls night out look or maybe a date night? You could even show us what you'd take on a weekend away!
Once you've styled your look and published the post, make sure you pop a link over to to ensure that your entry is counted.
We know you'll want to shout about it, so why not tag @Little_Mistress and @etailPR on Twitter so we can shout about it too!"
Curvy Navy Embellished Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress
So I am right now reaching too all my blogger friends in the UK to give it a shot ;) If it would be open internationally I would probably make up a story, just like this one I am about to share with you.
Black Long Sleeve Sheer Applique Detail Fit And Flare Dress
 There was once a young lass who lived in a castle in the clouds. Her name was Papillion and she was a fairy. The thing she loved best was to fly, so soar high and then come back tumbling to see the world of men in their daily fights. She was a magical little darling so she could go unseen and unheard everywhere. Papillion had 2 other older sisters that had to keep her out of trouble as she would sometimes show hereself to the small children - and only the small chidren, fair in their heart, could see them. We all know how grown-ups never believe children when they say they can see fairies... But this day was a very special day for Papillion. It was her birthday, when she would turn of age! Of course, you may not know this, but when fairies turn of age they also get extra magical powers! ;) You might have known this when you were a wee lass/lad but right now you are all grown up so your mind shuts this precious information away...
Forest Green Long Sleeve Cutout Detail Embellished Waist Dress
The magical power when Papillion came of age was the ability to transform herself in whatever she would wish, but only until midnight. Along with her sisters, who always were very funny and witty and smart and yet very traditional, she put on her Black Long Sleeve Dress and opened wide her fully grown wings :) 
"Oh! Papillion, you look perfect! The perfect party dress for your coming of age!" said Poussière - the eldest fairy.
"I think I shall be very jealous. Your dress is far better then mine!" said Poindre, the middle one. She took a spin in her Curvy Navy Embellished Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress and looked at her sister with a smile. She always liked to be appreciated by the way she looked. 
"That is utter nonsense! Both you and Poussière look lovely! The minute you stepped inside I could not take my eyes off you! The Navy & Cream Lace Detail Wrap Over Long Sleeve Dress suits you perfectly Poussière and you Poindre look ravishing! I am sure all the fairies will keep their eyes on you rather than me. But I do not mind that, not at all, I plan on breaking out and trying my new powers after midnight" said Papillion with a mischevious face....
Navy & Black Fur Trim Button Die Waist Tie Coat
The fairies looked disapprovingly at Papillion but she did not care. "Let me show you what I have in mind!" said Papillion and flew away in the huge wardrobe. A few moments later she came holding a beautiful Forest Green Long Sleeve Cutout Detail Embellished Waist Dress along with a Navy & Black Fur Trim Button Die Waist Tie Coat and a pair of high heel leather black boots with laces. "This is what I'm gonna wear tonight!" said Papillion.
"I think Maman and Papa will definetely not approve!" said Poussièr. "You know how dangerous it is to go out on your first night when you get your powers. You will not be able to control them. What if people will find out about you and catch you?! They would trap you and we would not be able to help..." cried out Poindre.
"Oh! That is nonsense! And I would not be far off... Remember that little cottage in the forest? The one that we always visit? The one with the little boy and girl? Today it is her birthday. Her name is Amelie. I shall bring her a present" said Papillion pulling out a beautiful black lace dress with a large bow in front. "I made it myself! I've been working on it for months. We share the same birthday - I think she deserves a gift as well. If I can take any form I want I want to take human form and I want to go to her birthday. It would be harmless..." smiled Papillion. 
"Well then, Papillion, I am glad to see that your sewing skills have reached perfection! And as this is your wish, I believe I can think of no greater show of kindess. It is your birthday and you can celebrate it in any way you wish, yet you want to show your love for the immortal ones. You clearly are losing too much time scouting their world. But we shall help you sneak out and come with you, as your guardians" said Poussièr. "You know we could not leave you alone. With your luck you would panic and you would not know how to spread your wings again" giggled Poindre.
"Then I believe that counts as a plan!" Papillion rejoiced. 
Happily all the 3 fairies joined handes, opened their wings and flew away graciously toward the throne room from where you could hear the music play... 

Yours truly,
The LadyBug Who Enjoys Telling Stories