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Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Lass Is Writing A Book...

Dear friends,

Today I shall tell you about a lovely lass I have never met in person, but I wish I would have and time is not yet lost so maybe I shall ;)  Her name is Laura. Laura is a lass that loves to write. She writes stories and now she is in the process of writing a book! She writes about her friend, Tic. To be more precise, she writes about "Mr. Tic" - a wonderful cute little dog. He is quite a treat when you read his Facebook profile.
Under personal information for him you can read that he loves going out, but never on a leash, he likes to sit in the basket of the bike and he likes to go everywhere where Laura is going. Tic enjoys life and takes it as it is. He loves toys, he enjoys a bone ocasionally and maybe even a feather! And most of all, Tic enjoys being with Laura. In a few lines: lovely words/words of endearment + soft caresses + toys + food = life is great!
Laura met him when he was just a small curly and creme little bun. He looked like a small roller - yup! the ones you paint your walls with ;) - and you could see only his tongue, with which he continuously and vigurously washed Laura's hands. But that is how she met Tic. His name comes from the book called "Ciresarii", written by Constantin Chirita - Romanian author. It was a series of books for youngsters, that was really easy to read as it was full of the adventures of a group of kids. The youngest one was named Tic. He loves to curl up in a ball and when he sleeps he snores louder than the old fridges ;) Although he was not bigger than a fist, he took the slippers with a force that only happiness can bring you to. He has a HOME!!! He has a family! He is all grown up now (oh! Maybe not physically!), and you can all see that in the pictures, but for Laura he is still a small, fluffy, lovable roller :)
Mister Tic
Laura is the lass from the stories... She is the lass of Andrei and Tic. Everyday she writes about their love for the things around them. Stories that you think were long lost. Stories that you think were gone. Stories that in a few lines make you cry or make you smile. Smile wide, as Laura does, and she has such a beautiful smile that you believe that when she does smile the whole world smiles with her... Laura is talented, very talented. She even does dresses. You can find them HERE - and each has story to tell ;) Each of those dresses she wore and each of those dresses she made for a specific story in her life. In a way, by buying them - as you can be lucky enough to buy one - you can take that story with you and with it you can take a piece of Laura and of Tic and of their warm smile :) All 3 of them: Laura , Andrei and Tic have their own area of knowledge. Laura does the stories and creates the dresses fitting to those stories, Tic loves to go in the bike's basket and attracts the audience while making Laura smile & Andrei smiles back and he searches for the perfect moment to press the camera button in order to make the most glorious shots. The shots that will make you say "Wow! I wish I would have taken that picture!"
How did this all happen?! The dresses ideea came from a mexican hat found in the Frankfurt airport. She put it on her head and Andrei started laughing, faking that he is taking pictures. Laura loved his laugh that much that she never wanted to take the hat off, even though people were looking weird at them - at her, having such a big hat that it would cover her shoulders even... That is when she started making stories for Andrei, for her, for Tic and for the ones dear to her. Because they were laughing and what she loves the most is seeing other people laugh :)  How can you not love a girl like that?! Even if one has never met her, it is hard to resist her charms!
I vote for Laura & Andrei &"Mr. Tic" who stole my heart even via the Internet. I never met them in person but I must admit that all of Laura's pictures made by Andrei made me wish I was her! And all the dresses that she does and wears are just top class and I would not mind getting myself some of those! Actually my 2 fav ones are the green ones posted in this post :) Unfortunately both of them are already taken :( But either if they are taken I would be proud to see her book live, in her own hands and so this is why I am writing to you, dear friends. Give her a helping hand!
The book will be named:  “Domnul Tic şi alte iubiri de pe Muşatini” / "Mr. Tic and the other loves from Muşatini" (Muşatini is the name of a street)
Owner of the account: Laura Baban
Account number: RO96BRDE240SV85776112400
Bank: BRD

Hope you lads/lasses will give  Laura & Andrei &"Mr. Tic" a chance and  support their stories :)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug In Love With Stories & Smiles :)

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