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Monday, 10 March 2014

Beware, Yeti Is Coming!

Dear friends,

Fear not! I speak not of the Abominable Snowman from the Himalayan region of Nepal or Tibet. I speak today of the cute five-door five-seater compact SUV model built by the Czech car manufacturer Škoda Auto. The masive auto just got himself/herself (depending on the gender you prefer a car to have) a facelift this year ;)
The 2014 facelift consists of a new bumpers, grilles, lights and bonnet and there are now two Yeti versions: Urban Yeti and the slightly more aggressively bumpered Outdoor Yeti. Both are very practical and upright, with a top-hinged tailgate, which provides useful shelter from the rain, but is heavy to close. It’s also a shame that you end up cleaning the extended sills with your trousers when you climb out.(read more about it here)
"The Skoda Yeti is one of the most attractive compact SUVs on the market and has far exceeded our sales expectations since its launch four years ago," says Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland. "With this all-new look and being offered in two variations for the first time, we are establishing new benchmarks as we continue our outstanding progress in this rapidly growing vehicle class," says Vahland.
In the European Union, the Yeti currently has a market share of 4.1 per cent, placing it among the bestselling A-segment SUV and underscoring the brand's all-wheel drive competence. The total market share of Skoda's 4x4 models in the EU is about three per cent.
In revising the model, Skoda head designer Jozef Kaban's team has created two variations of the Yeti: the 'urban' Skoda Yeti as a stylish crossover for the city and the Skoda Yeti Outdoor, a compact SUV whose powerful off-road elements emphasise its suitability for off-roading. For all the differentiation in design, both variations of the Yeti preserve the car's extreme versatility and multi-functionality. All current engines, transmissions and front- and all-wheel drives are available for both variations.
Now this last week I had some job in the city center and I passed by Galeria Krakowska a few times. On Friday afternoon though, a young lady approached me - I, of course, with my limited Polish, told her that I am not from there and that I do not speak Polish very well and asked her how I may help her. I was surprised to see her reply back in English and telling me that she is part of an advertising campaign for Skoda Yeti in Poland. They had a setup with green screen (perfect Photoshop material) and the wonderful new facelifted SUV Skoda Yeti. She just asked me to pose in front of the green screen and choose a setup: Hawaii / Party Indoor / Following Yeti Footsteps / Paragliding / Antarctic Region and so on... I was not very eager to choose but I wanted to help them - as a Marketing student I was in their position as well and I know how few people actually stop and help - so I told her to choose. She selected a tropical setting and I was given funny glasses, a hula hoop skirt, bracelet and necklace of flowers and was told to pose. You can see the result in the picture of the post ;) 

Well... it is always good to give a helping hand ;) So if someone hands you a flyer take the extra mile and not throw it in the next trashbin. Those kids are payed for this and if you throw the flyer in the area they spread it, the people who hired them might think they did it! If someone asks you to fill out a questionare, please do so, as someone put his/her heart into it. Give them a chance to learn and give a helping hand once in a while. It does not cost you that much, and you may have fun ;)

** I was not given any money or products in order to do this post. I really like the car and I support the people in advertising and in marketing, in general! :) **

Yours truly,
The LadyBug Who Did Once Marketing

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