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Thursday, 6 March 2014

For The Love For Chocolate

Dear friends,

I am not a huge fan of sweets but rather a fan of fruits but since I moved to Poland everything turned topsy turvy. My husband is a huge fan of sweets, just like my sister, and they are the only 2 people I have ever seen capable of eating a whole chocolate at once! And they would be able to continue with a second one, if they would not think it would be unproper... that is how we started to have sweets for almost each end of the daily dinner. Not healthy! I know... But he loves it so much! :) Today I shall tell you about one of the chocolates that he has discovered in his trips in Finland.
Fazer was founded on September 17th 1891 when Karl Fazer (August 16 1866 - October 9 1932) opened his first confectionary on Kluuvikatu in Helsinki where it still stands today. The Fazer family members are still very much involved with the company and they have two main business areas, Fazer Food Services and Fazer Bakeries and Sweets in 8 different countries; Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. All the sweets are made in Finland; Vantaa factory(chocolate), Lappeenranta factory (candy) and Karkkila factory (chewing gum), there is  some bakery production in the other countries. Fazer also owns Cloetta and LU, which produce various well-known Finnish cookies.

The Fazer Blue chocolate appeared in 1922. A household name in Finland, known and loved by everyone. Traditional, delicious and simply the best. The Fazer Blue has been chosen as the most valued brand in Finland several years in a row and no wonder. After you try it you know it. The Fazer slogan isn't "Say Fazer when you want something good" in vain. Fazer uses fresh milk when producing this chocolate, which makes it so delicious. The two most sold chocolates in the Blue family are the basic one and my favourite, hazelnut chocolate. Fazer also has a patent for their blue color so no other company can use it. It is simply classic. Like other products, can be found in different flavors and wrappings. In 2013 the wrappings got a new design which makes it an even more elegant gift. This chocolate is a popular souvenir or gift when you go visiting friends.
Geisha original milk chocolate with hazelnut filling (since 1908) is my personal favourite and I remember it as my Mum used to buy it for me and my sister for birthdays when we were a bit older. This is how I came to know Fazer and appreciate the quality of the chocolate. It is truly different than the other types of chocolate and even though Cadbury with its Dairy Milk is my true lover I still appreciate Fazer ;) so I was happy when my husband came with the huge bar of chocolate :p

** I was not payed for review and I did it out of love for the Fazer Chocolate and for everyone who might like it or might consider trying it! I suggest you start with Geisha ;) **

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :)

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