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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Germany, Ich Liebe Dich!

Dearest friends,

Koln/Cologne is a city that will - from now on - stay very close to my heart. Sunday evening we came home, to Krakow, after a lovely spring vacation in this wonderful bohemian town. We stayed with my dear sweet friend, Dana, and she was our very own guide to the heart of this city. You might have read my article with what I would visit in Koln - that  was done a day before we left and published the day we had or plane to Koln. Dana also had things prepared for us so we realised that the wisest thing was to trust her - I always trust my sweet heart :) She had it all sorted out and this vacation was one of the best ones I ever had!
I have so many pictures to download and choose and sort and send also to Dana, that I am quite scared of the task laying in front of me. But be prepared for several posts on the subject ;) Today is just a short preview of our trip. Don't jump on me, I know the quality of the pictures is not the best one - these were taken with my phone, in a hurry, uploaded on FB and that is how you get to see them as well :p The first colage has: a picture of my lovely husband and I on the Hohenzollern Bridge, where the love locks are located, and with the Cathedral/Dom in our back :) Also you can see a part of the marching band from the Carnival + an angel I found on a random building, while walking + a really really good beer we tried ;) Fruh - Cölner Hofbräu Früh (or just Früh) is a private brewery for top-fermented beer called Kölsch. The brewery was founded in Cologne in 1904 by Peter Joseph Früh.
This is me, pointing to the LadyBug I found :) I tell you, they are following me everywhere! + a bit more of the scenes of the Cologne Carnival, including some StreetArt. One thing I can tell you for sure: people in Koln really know how to party and they take it seriously preparing costumes for each day and each occasion. It's all about taking everything to a whole different level! :) from head to toe! from small to big! from kids to adults! and even in the shops... the streets... the bars... everyone is dressed up, no matter what!
The most perfect bday present - cake done by Dana for my awesome husband, whose bday was celebrated in Koln, the day we left for home. My husband loves sweets and it so happens that I love Ritter Chocolate! Besides Cadbury of course, I think I would be able to eat a bar all by myself ;) + 3D Golf playing, been there - done that! Crazy thing where you can spend more than 2 hours and not even feel when time passes you by... + walks along the Rhein with my adorable half + the best shop to buy gummy bears in Koln + Haribo Cherry Cola straight from Bonn's Haribo Shop + The Book Thief bought on the Frankfurt airport, after trying to find it for more than an hour ;))))
And lovely and quiet Bonn, an one-day trip, a small quiet town both me and my lovely other half just fell in love with. Clean and pretty and very spring-like. We saw flowers everywhere, loads of yellow daffodils and blooming cherry trees... Heavenly! Totally worth to be there for a day! Not to mention the kick arse Historical Museum that takes you on a travel from 1945 to nowadays! :) Must see!!!
I promise I shall be back soon with more pictures and tips and tricks on how to survive a raging Cologne during the Carnival and how to find solace and retreat in Bonn. Dana, thank you again a million times for a most amazing week well spent :* Miss you already!

Yours truly,
The LadyBug in love with Koln & Bonn

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