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Thursday, 13 March 2014

My "Flight Loving Ways"

Here's Looking At You, Cynthia! :)

I know I may have got you confused about the "Dear friends" entrance I always had, but today is a special day as this post comes as a short reply to Cynthia's comment a day or two ago, to my The Flight Travel Bug post from Travel Tuesday. Here is her comment below:
Dear Cynthia,

First of all, let me tell you how glad I am that you have dropped by my humble abode and bid me hello :) I am so happy that you wrote the comment above that since I saw it I was busting my brain how to relax you even more. So I will start by sharing with you a truth I have never revealed until now: I suck at travelling by bus and by car. If I don't get to sit in the front or max 1st half of the bus I will surely get carsick! Expecially if it is a trip that takes more than 1 hour. If I get lucky I doze of but if I do not, I am not such a nice traveling partner ;) I also get terribly carsick from curves and twisted roads - ironically enough my country has plenty of those so each time I go home I have to brace myself for what is coming! No worries thought, the last time I threw out was when I was somewhere in 8th grade so at least I learn how to keep it in ;)
Cynthia darling, as you must know flying is the quickest & sometimes the cheapest way to go (if you pick a frequent flyer, a frequent route). Maybe you did not knew that is also one of the safest ;) Just have a look how the industry thrives and develops each day! A flight over the Atlantic Ocean no longer takes ages and the plane must not stop multiple times to get fuel - right now you can do that trip in less than 9 hours, in one shot! and I even learned that some airline wishes to make trips between Europe and America as cheap as the trips inside Europe. Can you imagine that?!
While plane crashes are often highlighted by the media it is impossible not to do so. We are not dealing with a car crash where max 4-5 people can die, but rather hundreds of people can lose their lifes in a blink of the eye. But trust me, statistics state that there are more car and train crashes than planes ;) The occurrence of a plane crash is extremely rare! In fact, these statistics suggest that "you are more likely to die driving to the airport than flying across the country." To put statistics into perspective, the Associated Press determined it is equivalent to two deaths per each 100 million passengers flying commercially. Compare that tiny fraction with the 30,000 plus deaths from motor vehicles that take place per year.
I think it is worthwhile to mention that while in a car/bus/train you may text/eat/fall asleep. Well... in an airplane you have at least 2 pilots and backup + the stewards. They are always in constant communication with the ground and they always know first when the weather changes and what is to be expected or if a new route must be established. Not to mention that during the long flights - let us say, over the Atlantic - you will always have the auto flight mode that will allow the plane to fly by itself - all tech based and best calculation of trajectory possible ;)
But let us think of all the beautiful opportunities that a flight has to offer. I, for one, love the idea of flights for the large audiences. Ever since I was a wee lass and I was watching The Jetsons I was wishing for a future where I could fly away in my own spaceship. Well... we passed the year 2000 and unfortunately I still do not have my own spaceship but I do get to fly at least once a year so that soothes me a bit. I find it fascinating that now everyone can afford to fly everywhere and go anywhere they wish to go, without many stops of problems - just get the VISA and go! I also find it insane but totally doable to live in an Airport! With all those Duty Free's running 24/7 you always have what you need - from food and drinks to clothes and books and electronics, to anything your heart can desire. I never mind long pauses between flights as I love to explore the Airports I have been in. I much rather detest pauses between flights that are less than one hour - it takes time to check out and check in again and find the correct Gate number, especially if you are in a very frequented airport. I love having time to watch people run around the place and I love having time to enjoy little things in life, like reading a chapter of my book or thinking of a blog post or remembering the fun I had in the vacation or setting up what I shall visit next. I see it not as a waste of time and I try relax as much as I can :)
Cynthia dear, I hope this small letter to you helped you a bit more. I was thinking next of doing a helpful list of items that I never forget to take with me while traveling :) What say you?! Shall I give it a shot? In the meanwhile stay fearless and think of the journey ahead, not of the news and the things you cannot control (like the weather and such...) as you cannot be God and handle the whole Universe ;) The pilots have seen and been throught loads and loads of turbulences and they know the route and they know what they are doing ;) All of them have University Degrees and they are experienced in the art of flight so you can surely pull out your book and relax ;)

Yours truly.
The LadyBug Who Loves To Travel & Fly :)

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