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Sunday, 2 March 2014

The One About My Love

Dear friends,

Today someone very important in my life has his birthday. That's right, I am talking about My Love. I am talking about this Polish proud and gorgeous lad that I married last December. He is turning this day 31 and I love every bit and piece of his 31 self. Last year as he turned 30 - and that is quite a huge change, going from 20 to 30... I am quite afraid that I will be doing that soon... - I organised a special birthday present including a long weekend in Vienna + a night at the Moscow Ballet, here in Krakow - as, believe it or not!, he is a huge fan of Russian Ballet as I am! We went to see the Swan Lake at the Krakow Opera and we both liked it a lot :) This time he outsmarted me so by the time you read this post we shall be in Koln. My best friend, Dana, asked us to come to her during the Koln Carnival so... here we are! Arrived by plane this Tuesday and going away today - stay put as there will be pictures and stories coming, do not worry! :)
My husband is my better half and he is my best friend. He knows how to make me smile when I am sad and he knows how to stop my tears by talking about the most weird things ever. He stands me being childish and insecure and he stands me when I am a pain in the arse and I think I rule the world. We both changed since we first met but I believe we changed toward the best. I trust him and he trusts me and we love eachother. We want to have children together and we married due to our love. It did not matter that I am Romanian and that he is Polish, that we had to face mountains of paperwork and bureaucracy, that people in our life would change and hurt us or that new people would come around and fill in the missing places in our heart... one thing remained constant: we love eachother!
My loved one puts his needs below mine and loves me unconditionally for what I am and what I can be. He loved me even before I realised he was around - facepalm inserted here: he went especially for the parties I went to, even though he hates crowds, in order to be with me and talk to me and I cannot remember him at those parties... He had patience enough to break through my inner walls and go out with me. I always had a lot of friends which were boys but making the step from having a friend who was a boy to a boyfriend... nope! It was just not my thing! Well he managed to do it, slowly and surely he slithered into my heart and he managed to grab hold of it. He is strong and smart and wise and I am proud of every little thing he does and he knows. He is a proud Polish who believes that his motherland is the best country. I respect that and I love his enthusiasm when he starts speaking of Polish history and especially when he starts speaking of the hussars - no worries, he has also the motto of the Hussaria tattooed on his neck ;) and he has a plan for a tattoo on his back on the same theme, and tell you the truth I quite like the idea but I would never do a tattoo on myself! 
Happy happy happy birthday my dear and sweet heart of mine :* I wish you many more years to come next to me, by my side, watching our children come to life - grow up - have their own little ones... I wish you good health so you would always be strong and I wish you always to love me as much as I love you: with all my heart! I wish you will have great success at work as well - work hard and people will notice you and value you for what you are and what you can do! Kocham cie mister kotek ;)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug that loves her husband :)

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