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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Typical Polish Weekend Weather

Dear friends,

In case you did not check the weather forecast or you do not live in Poland than there is no need to complain, the weather for you in the weekends might be fair and you may have the luck to chance upon the sun and the clear sky. Well... here in Krakow - actually, here in Poland - having good weather during the weekend equals to celebration time! There are more weekends in the year when weather is aweful and you just wanna stay inside and read a book or play some games with friends - if you are brave, you may even venture out to a pub but once inside you will not want to leave. In 99,99% of the cases (ok, I may be a bit drastic here...) there will be lovely, fair weather with sun and no wind during the week, and you will wake up early in the morning on Saturday, open the curtains and see heavy rain - of fog that you can cut with a knife - and blasting wind that would take even Mary Poppins far far away!
It is very clear for me that Murphy's laws are very much active here in Krakow. Of course Polish people, in general, have this habit of complaining and I think I must be transforming as well. In a way you could say that I am integrating and that I am turning more and more Polish as we speak ;) But the truth is I sometimes miss the warm weather. Krakow sees it's more than fair share of rain and fog and even the airport had installed recently a new system of guiding the planes through the fog so they would not deviate the traffic so very often. Krakow is positioned inside a valley-like area and at the borders it has high buildings - business centers - so that the ventilation does not happen... hence the fog and the huge air polution.
Now all last week, from Monday to Friday, it was lovely weather! Over 14-15 degrees Celsius, loads of sun and no wind whatsoever. People even started to eat their lunch outside on the benches in front of the Business Area... I actually thought that spring came and that maybe this year we won't have snow for Easter - yup, last year and the year before we had that! But hey! Wintertime here in Poland does not like to go away that fast! So Saturday was so rainy that we said no to any plans that were outside of the house and hoped for better weather - keeping the fingers crossed...
Sunday it was a bit better and it did not rain 24/7. We even had a few moments of sun between the clouds but that was compensated by the wind that would not stop. Cold and fast and chilling to the bone! Now that is what I call a top class killer - it nearly took my breath away a few times! And using the umbrella?! Oh... we had one but that did not help one bit! We managed to get to the Galeria Krakowska where we were supposed to meet my husband's sister and we had a blast by going to the bookstores - I think by now it is obvious how much we love books. I also introduced my lovely other half to the American Bookstore - a lovely place into which he never entered before. The result you can see for yourself in the collage above: we bought 8 books! Yup! Officially we are booked for the next months ;) See what I did there?! :p
In order to celebrate the book haul we stopped by the lovely yummy place for lattes :) That is, Coffee Heaven! And my awesome half had a banana latte and I had a strawberry latte that was so sweet I instantly felt the sugar rush. These are the 2 new lattes on the menu and I must admit they do not beat the gingerbread latte but still they are worth a try. Smooth, creamy and flavoury sweet! We also shared a szarlotka - apple pie - that was amazingly yummy! I recommend it with all my heart and my lovely husband nods in agreement: APPROVED! (HINT: That means you should try it too!)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Who Wants Warm Weather - Spring, Please!

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