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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Unfinished Song

Dear friends,

You probably have never heard about this movie before, so here I am! To tell you about a wonderful comedy-drama-music movie I watched last year. You may find it under 2 titles: "Unfinished Song" of "Song for Marion" (2012) - and it tells the story of a grumpy pensioner named Arthur who has a change of heart toward music. His wife's passion - Marion's passion - was singing in a local amateur choir and once she is gone, Arthur joins the group. The movie is truly a British drama - it will make you cry and it will make you laugh and in the end you will feel drained out of emotion but somehow also uplifted. Tell you the truth, only Brits can do that to you ;) 
Vanessa Redgrave is playing Marion awesomely. Marion is in one of the last stages of cancer and Arthur - her husband - played by Terence Stamp - is taking care of her. The live in one of those small towns in North England that is very quiet and settled down, yet a town that one falls in love with nonetheless.
The director of the choir, that Marion is part of, is none other than the wonderfully talented actress named Gemma Arterton - you might know her from movies like Prince of Persia, Hansel & Gretel, Quantum of Solace and Lizzie Bennet in Lost in Austen ;) She is very upbeat and talented herself and she knows how to handle the choir for old age pensioneers (The OAPz - "it's more street with the Z"). She brings them "fresh" music that makes them feel more alive even if they sing the songs with a twist, making them sound more classical by doing them acapella.
Marion continues to get worse yet she stubbornly wants to join the choir in the competitions. Arthur does not understand her but he supports her nonetheless. Bit by bit Arthur gets pulled into the group and Elizabeth - Gemma Arterton - even gives him an iPod with music so he could learn. I ain't gonna spoil the whole movie for you but let's just say that through music Arthur manages to find peace and even sets the connection with his son, James, back on track ;)
I truly loved the scene where Vanessa Redgrave plays "True colors". I dare you to try not to cry! I was in the small cinema with one of my dear friends and I could hear the whole room sobbing - not that I was doing anything else! Thank God I had a pull pack of tissues on me. That scene is so sad and so happy at the same time that at first you are not sure if you are crying of joy or of sadness of what is coming... Plus! You get to hear also Terence Stamp singing and even though he is not as awesome as Vanessa Redgrave he is still kick arse!
I sincerly recommend this movie with all my heart, but watch it with a full box of napkins next to you! It will tear up your heart but it will also make you feel like the world can be a better place.

Yours truly,
The Movie Fan LadyBug