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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Who Doesn't Like A Good Quiz?

Dear friends,

I must admit it, I always love a good quiz and lately Zimbio has developed a site that has a growing number of quizzes for every taste - from music to movies and characters from the books/movies.
Below you can find some of my results:
To be mentioned that I am also the amazing Iron Man ;) and Stewie :) and that funny enough my other half came up to be Lois - Stewie's mum. Fret not! I do not try to kill him ;) I love him too much for that.
I know this ain't much of a post for the day but yesterday, instead of doing a post for today I procrastinated and I continuosly spent time in front of the pc doing quizzes or watching movies with my lovely other half. To my defense the weather was aweful! The full week was sunny and spring-like and yesterday we woke up and it was bloody cold and raining. I did not get out of the house - shame on me! But we managed to finish the list of guests for the wedding and we have the Romanian text for the invites - we have not settled down the English & Polish one yet... It's on the list, no worries ;)

Yours truly,
A Lazy LadyBug :)

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