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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

3D Golf - Now That's Something New!

Dear friends,

Here we are again with a wonderful #TravelTuesday post :) As usual, I shall tell you more about the trip I had in February-March in Koln, with my newlywed husband. Did I mention how cute he is or how much I love him?! Oh! I did, did I? :) Last week I was telling you about A Rainy Koln Carnival but today I shall tell you about a wonderful next day we spent all by ourselves - except the evening, when we celebrated with Dana my husband's bday that week :)
We started by walking to the Koln Cathedral and just bumped into this young lad that was trying to tame down a bunch of colorful balloons very willing to escape :)
Then I got distracted by a lovely and colorful display at United Colors of Benetton and I wanted to go up and see if the icecream was real ;p
We passed Koln Cathedral and went to the Hohenzollern Bridge and headed along the Rhein, bumping into this piece of sculpture/street art that looked like a broken city.
Then we posed with the Koln Cathedral background and said how much we like Koln. Wait! Scratch that! We LOVE Koln! It was amazing and we fell for it completely!
Then we headed to the little streets next to the Rathaus and we bumped into this marching band that was simply amazing and if you wish to listen to one of their songs, I have recorded it and posted it on Youtube for you lovely lads and lasses to watch ;)
In the evening one of Dana's bday gifts to my adorable husband was a 3D Golf Session and I must admit 2 things:
1) I have never played golf
2) I have never played 3D Golf
so if I did not win, it was not my fault :p but to my defense I hit hole-in-one in multiple stages, I just screwed the rest ;)
The drawings on the walls were extremely colorful and they came to life when you would put on the glasses and I must admit 5 people designed it and one of them was Romanian :) How cool is that?!
The Football field was a tough one but it was a quick one for me :)
Picture of me taken by Dana :)
The colors of the scenes were amazing and the best part were the last 2 rooms that had paintings with deep space / Cosmos and Galaxies everywhere, from top till bottom. I fell in love with it! And I cannot tell when and where time passed by but we spent over 2 hours there!
I obviously did not win...
We ended the evening in an epic mode with some awesome salads and tarts made in French style at Metzgerei & Salon Schmitz which is a magical place you really need to try when in Koln! The tarts were amazing and I had one with cheese and herbs and it just melted into my mouth - heavenly! That is one place that for sure I would like to go to again :) Here is where you can find it:

Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst
Universitätsstraße 100
DE-50674 Köln ‎
Telefon: +49 (0)157-89 49 84 42

Yours truly,
A LadyBug In Love With Koln And Metzgerei & Salon Schmitz