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Saturday, 26 April 2014

An International Rendezvous

Dear friends,

Being part of a corporation brings you into interesting situations. Being part of a international corporation brings you new friends when you least expect it. You already know that I stayed in Poland due to my love for Krakow and later on the love for my awesome husband :) I was lucky to have a great team leader who wanted me to come to Poland and I accepted the chance - I took it with both hands ;)  So here I am, 3 years later, writing a post about An International Rendezvous :)
Galeria Krakowska - the upper side, looking from the -1 level
In the second week of April my awesome husband and its team had 2 lovely Indian ladies from Mumbai over, for trainings and exchange of experience in their project. We - my lovely other half and I - had the chance to take the ladies out for some souvenir shopping - mainly choco :) - and for some traditional food at Babcia Malina. If you read my blog before, you must know how much we love that place. The food is traditional Polish and it is made just like a granny would do it - tasty and with lot of love!
The restaurant can be found in Krakow in 3 different locations but we usually go to the one on Szpitalna 38, right in front of the Grand Theater. It is a small door and you may miss it but the ones living in the city know about it and they can get there with their eyes closed ;)
The Lovely Indian Ladies
The - still fresh - newlyweds :p
The service is good and the ladies do speak English - although I do my best to speak Polish each time we are there and my cute husband says I am getting better and better :) + the food is amazing! huge portions and tasty and filling at the same time ;)
On Szpitalna it has 3 levels: ground floor, as you enter, you have the bar in front where you order and you are given a number. It is self service and you can choose a spot until they call out your number when the food will be ready. You can take the wooden stairs up for one more floor of traditional wooden benches where you can eat the take-out from ground level.
Or you can take the wooden stairs down from the ground level and you will get to the lower part where is the Restaurant and where you can reserve places and be served by a waitress. Downstairs they also have a piano and almost every evening there is someone playing traditional music. I have a feeling the place did not change since 2nd World War :)  and it has a very homelike feeling about it.
As we had the fresh fisheye lens I just had to take it out for a spin and see the Babcia Malina through fresh eyes - yup! the eyes of a fish! :) but as this baby can take 180 degrees pictures, this time I can really get to show you this place and not focus on the pictures of food.
Very nice place to have a dinner for 2 ;)
I love this place as it is filled with antique small nothings that make the place feel cozy. Just look at those 2 chairs or the lovely golden mirror. I must admit they always steal my heart! And I recommend this place to everyone who comes to Krakow or plans to do so :) And NO! I have not been payed/repayed in any way by Babcia Malina to do this review - I did it out of love! :) And guess what? The ladies loved the place too ;)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Who Likes To Share Love