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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easter Decorations In Iasi

Dear friends,

As you know, I am home for the Easter on a extended vacation of almost 3 weeks :) so I had the time to roam around town and check out the Easter decorations in Iasi. This post is to show you them and also ask you what you think about them. I believe the idea of having them was nice and it is lovely they are so colorful and the fact that they used a lot of fresh flowers uncut, but rather in their pots. The sad side is the fact how they truly look... I sincerely think the little bunny rabbits are horrific and that they can cause nightmares if you stare at them too much...
Just look at the pictures above... the look on their eyes, the gout that they have, the weirdly shaped bellies that look like they had too much beer or that they are pregnant... and not to mention the unlikely color: green, blue, yellow and purple rabbits?! For real now?!
I don't know whose idea was this but I heard a lot of money went into them from the local budget and I don't think they are so lovely... so attractive... though I do see a lot of people taking pictures in front of them - probably in order to update their Facebook profile, but who would truly want that?!
At least the flowers are fresh and colorful and there are huge pots of it and from what I can see they lasted a very long time and still they are bound to last even more, so kudos for that! ;)
The Orthodox Cathedral can be seen after the huge bouquet :)
Stefan Cel Mare Street and it's huge ornament
The ornaments made me somehow think of Alice in Wonderland and of the Mad Hatter. I do not know if this is the idea behind the arrangements around town but for me it looked like that, with all the bunny rabbits and especially in the Copou area where you can also see some cups of tea and teapots. What do you think? Do you think it resembles to that?
Could that be Alice/Mad Hatter?!
There are a couple of huge eggs along the Stefan Cel Mare street with different things painted on them - like bunny rabbits, the Trei Ierarhi, the Orthodox Cathedral and many other... They do not look THAT bad but still... for that amount of money they could have done better! I just Googled it and guess what? The ornaments cost was of 35.000 euro!

The Mad Hatter: There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.
[picks up his hat]
The Mad Hatter: Which luckily I am.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
So what do you think? Do you think these were worth the 35.000 euro? Do you think the bunnies and the teapots and the cups of tea and the weird characters resemble Alice in Wonderland? Or do you think I am mean and overreacting - and that these ornaments are the finest you have seen? I would love to hear your opinion :) 

Yours truly,
The LadyBug that loves Alice In Wonderland :)