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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Last Sunday = Creme Brulee + Hummus

Dear friends,

Yesterday I was telling you about the amazing fisheye lens. Today I shall show you some pictures from my second day of taking the baby out and testing its capabilities. Last Sunday I met some lovely friends out in town and we had the meeting setup at a place I have already told you before a couple of times: Charlotte. But hey! It's always a place worth mentioning and today I get to show you the larger image of this place so... brace yourself, pictures are coming! :)
Charlotte has two locations only but everyone who knows good places knows about the Charlotte from Krakow and the one from Warsaw. I was brought up to this magical place by a dear friend and I fell in love with it at first sight. She told me they had amazing creme brulee and I must admit they have the best ones I have ever ate and they always remind me of the French movie Amelie :)
The lovely place is located in Plac Szczepanski and it is hard to miss ;) Plac Sczepanski is a stone throw away from the Main Square and you will see one from the other - straight line. The building has been renovated just recently - last autumn - but the inside of the place is the same since I have reached Krakow 3 years ago. But I would not like it to change, not one bit!
The Entrance - The Building
You can choose to stay out in the fresh air, on the terace, or you can choose to get inside. Inside there are so many options and places from which you can choose... you can stay on the ground level at the big tables or you can go upstairs to the smaller ones that grant you the high view of the counter and other people eating their croissants... Or you can go further on the ground level and either go left to the couple of high chairs on the side or you could go down the stairs to the larger room, that always smells of fresh bread... makes me think of Paris...
I almost always choose the lower room, the one that always smells of bread :) somehow it makes one feel at home. That is where I also headed to wait for the girls as I had arrived early.
Quickly I took off my camera and settled in that you lads/lasses deserve a full view of this magical place. Maybe even one day you will get here in Krakow and you will even try it out and tell me how much you liked it ;)
The Menu can be provided both in Polish and English and people (young lads/lasses) serving at the tables are very nice and they will speak with you in English or they will smile and tell you what you said wrong while ordering in  Polish ;)
I always like to have some tea here and some creme brulee or some lemon tart. The cheesecake here is amazing too. Everything here actually is just right, melting into your mouth, so you must try it ;)
I must admit I had a very nice Sunday and the weather was simply amazing! Lovely sky, warm sun, very nice company. I love feeling the city come to life again. What miracles can a bit of sun do!
Later on we headed to Nowa Prowincja, another place that grew on me in time. It was shown to me by the same person who showed me Charlotte. By Ewa :) I always think of her when I visit these places and I thank God I met her and that she is my friend and that through her I grew to love so many places in this town :)
Oh! But you know what?! You know about Nowa Prowincja as well. I just remembered that I told you that you can find there the best hot choco in Krakow! :) But I must admit they also have amazing cheesecakes and tarts here and also some wicked hummus!
This last Sunday we went to Nowa Prowincja especially for that! We wanted some hummus and I knew that there you can find one of the best hummuses in town ;) This ancient food is served here with some bread and oil and salt on the side so you could mix it up as much as you wish. Be careful though as it has a bit of garlic so no kissing after :p
So that was mainly my last Sunday with the girls. Sunday = Creme Brulee + Hummus. And to make the day complete, me and Dana went off to the Galeria Krakowska to take the shops for a spin and see what new things they have. That might have taken a bit longer than expected but it was lovely nonetheless. I can hardly wait to do that again, but it will have to wait a bit as soon I will be off :) Yes, that is right... Surprise! I am going home for Easter :) So prepare yourself for some lovely pictures from Romania coming soon ;)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug In Love With Sundays :)

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