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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Remembering: The Last Sunday Of March 2014

Dear friends,

I ask of you, what best way to spend a Sunday out than with friends? Especially if the weather is warm, the sun is shining and the trees are in bloom! The last Sunday of this lovely past March we had amazing weather after a up-down rainy-cold-warm-again rainy scalding temperature during the rest of the month. I really felt Spring kicking in! And as the weather was like that and as we did not meet some of our friends for a long while we agreed on a lovely walk :)
We had a short pit-stop to our favourite place - Bona - Kziazka i kawa - and we introduced them into the lovely chilling place that we frequently enjoy. We had lemonades, coffee, frappe and icecream and we enjoyed sitting out in the terrace in the street and watching the people pass by. It is my favourite place in town and I think I said that a million times before but I will say it a million more :) It was the first time this year they had the tables setup outside and I could once again enjoy the view of one of my personal fav churches in town - St. Peter and Paul Church.
Of course we fooled around taking pictures of eachother but you already know what a freak I am when it comes to taking pictures of everything and anything at anytime - you should be happy for that, as in case of amnesia I can have the pictures and movies to help me remember :p
The frappe I had was smooth and not extremely sweet, like some people do it! And it had the perfect ammount of foam and it was bubbly good :) My awesome husband enjoyed his icecream with whipped cream on top and a bed of abundant sour cherries from which I must admit I stole some ;)))
Are we cute, or what?! :)
Pictures taken by my awesome husband :*
After finishing the treats we headed off to the Vistula - which, by the way, was overflodded with people walking their dogs, riding bikes, taking babies in prams out or just strolling in couples. I cannot remember the last time I saw so many people bustling about! Oh! Wait! I think that was way last year in early autumn!
Then we agreed we should find a boat and have some beer on it as the weather was just fitting. We bumped into a bit of fresh painted street art and we saw loads of bees in the freshly bloomed trees.
Will they hit eachother?! :o Neah :p
We managed to get up to the Lovers Bridge yet we managed to find no free place in any boat. It was packed tight! so we headed back to the Wawel Castle and we had the sheer luck of having a couple just leaving a table so we jumped into the breach :)
The 3 Romanian Musketeers
The picture with the glasses is my fav one from the day :)
We had a lovely day and I must admit I cannot help but smile when I see the trees like that! It just makes me want to hug them or just sit under them while they tell their stories :)
And while going home my awesome husband, who knows I am into street art showed me this adorable cute little bison right next to an entrance door :) I, in return, showed him how lovely the bikes were standing in line next to the Galeria - et voila! that is how the picture above appeared :)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug In Love With Blooming Trees