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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Reminiscing Colorful Fidgety March

Dear friends,

As I was looking in the pictures from last month I bumped into a bunch I made in a lovely spring-like weekend and I just wanted to share them with you. Hope it is not too late! :) There are mainly pictures of flowers and trees in bloom and a couple of shots from the market fair in the small market square. Now I am not going to leave you alone with the pictures but I shall share with you a story I found the last week. You can read more Short stories for Spring right there. This one I am telling you here is named " Fidgety March " and it was written by M. Spano.
The Completed Bloom
Spring had three sons: March, April and May. She delegated his three sons, one month each, the control of the winds.
When it was the turn of March, his mother was the first to worry, because in that month you could not understand anything! Sometimes the sun was hot as in June, at other times a cold wind coming down from the mountains and shook the sprouts. Then it could also happen that the sky was covered with clouds as in January, and that crazy brat, after gathering storms of snow on the mountains, hurling them to the countryside, killing flowers and buds.

One day her mother said to him, “Look, my March … in the winter I have accumulated a lot of dirty clouds, and now I wash them. Please do get me a few days of good weather, with a nice strong sun, because I want to do the laundry, and dry it as quickly as possible. “
March, of course, promised to obey her mother. The next day, Spring set to work, and by noon had already stretched out in the sun, which shone in the beautiful sky, a lot of washed clothes.
Everything was going well, when March, now revived by an angle of the horizon, seeing that white laundry lying on the mountains, and his mother all intent to rinse the laundry in the deep waters, was taken by one of those irresistible impulses of mischief that are the best and the worst of his character.
The kitten skirt
 “That’s nice,” he said to himself, “bring some around all that laundry! My mother is so, so pretty when she runs here and there, with her hair in the air, to pick up her clothes!”
 Having said that, March opens up the skin of the winds, and behold a furious mistral start running like crazy towards the plain. it raises clouds of dust, broken twigs, angrily slams the treetops and finally falls into the laundry: sheets, tablecloths, shirts, everything flies away! Some blanket is shredded on the bushes of the mountain, while others are lifted and transported to the sea: the sky is all full of multicolored rags, thrown here and there by the fury of the wind.
The Blooming Trees
The poor Spring, desperate, with her hair in the air, runs through the fields trying to grab those clothes flying, and cries and calls and clings to trees for not be shaken by the storm, too. And meanwhile a blast of laughter resounds for campaigns: laugh the trees of the woods, laugh the fountains, and laughs madly March, with big blue eyes wide open behind the mountain peaks.
Now I really hope you liked both the stories and the pictures and I recommend you to check the site for more funny short stories about Spring :)  They will put a smile on your face ;)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug that loves Spring