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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Tasty Treat

Dear friends,

Once in a while you need to satisfy the cravings of your tummy. And when you crave for the wonderful Dunkin Donuts and you cannot find them anywhere in Poland or Romania, when you will travel to Germany you will keep an eye open for them ;) Today is #traveltuesday and this is my last post about our trip - mine and my adorable husband - to Koln/Bonn, Germany.
I ate my first Dunkin Donut somewhere in the summer of 2007, in the wonderful USA - Atlantic City. I cannot remember the flavour but I remember the feeling of total surrender to the sweetness and fluffyness that filled my heart (ok... you can replace heart with mouth there if you wanna get visual). It became my treat each time I managed to do something impressive at work and so each time I would return and pick a different type/flavour. I love the ones with colorful sprinkles and that taste like strawberries - and that was exactly what I picked when I went to Koln to get my treat ;) 
I could not leave the town without having it and I think I must have driven my husband and my best friend crazy trying to find a open DD during our last day ;)) but it was totally worth it and I loved every piece of it - you can see that on my face on the picture above! It was taken from a shop near the Dome but you can find DD shops almost everywhere in Koln so it is hard to miss them, if you know for what to look. I must admit that might make it on the MUST DO for Germany/Koln ;)))))
If you wish an overview of our Koln/Bonn trip, here are the articles/posts I wrote about that:
 ** I wrote this post out of love and DD did not repay me in any way. But the taste of the donuts are totally worth it! They are the best ones I ever ate - except the ones made by my granny ;) **
Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Loves Dunkin Donuts :)