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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Top Notch Bonn History Museum

Dear friends,

I know not if you ever been to Bonn but if you ever plan to get there or if you manage to book your trip to Koln/Cologne, then I suggest from the bottom of my heart to make a short one-day-city-break to this lovely place. There are many things to see there, like I tried to present to you the other week, but what shocked me the most was how much I grew to like the German National Museum Of Contemporary History.
Haus der Geschichte (officially Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, i. e. "House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany") is a museum of contemporary history in Bonn, Germany. With around one million visitors every year, it is one of the most popular German museums. The Haus der Geschichte is, as well as the "Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig", the "Tränenpalast" am Bahnhof Friedrichstraße and the Kulturbrauerei with the collection of industrial design ("Sammlung Industrielle Gestaltung") part of the Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Foundation. The foundation's place of business is Bonn.
In its permanent exhibition, the Haus der Geschichte presents German history from 1945 until the present. Numerous temporary exhibitions emphasize different features. The Haus der Geschichte also organizes guided tours of the Palais Schaumburg (has been closed since August 2013 because of building restoration for estimated three years), the Chancellor's bungalow and the former place of the Federal Assembly. Moreover, the museum maintains a cartoon gallery with over 75,000 political cartoons and caricatures.
The Haus der Geschichte is located on Bundesstraße 9 and is part of the Museumsmeile (Museum Mile) in Bonn, which is part of the former West German government district. It is located north of the Kunstmuseum Bonn and the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, which are also part of the Museumsmeile. The Haus der Geschichte can be directly accessed from the subway station (Heusallee/Museumsmeile).
In his government statement of October 13, 1982, right after taking office, Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl called for a collection of German history and the German division after 1945. He presented plans to establish a museum of German history in West Berlin, to be complemented by a House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn dedicated specifically to the West German state. While some feared that a national museum would be viewed as an attempt to kindle a new nationalism, others argued that it was precisely because Germany's past was so complex and wrenching that Germans needed to understand their history.The German Bundestag confirmed the institution in 1989. Helmut Kohl opened the permanent exhibition on June 14, 1994. The first president of the foundation was Hermann Schäfer. In June 2007, Hans Walter Hütter, his long-term representative, was appointed as his successor.
The building was designed in 1985 by the architects Ingeborg and Hartmut Rüdiger from Braunschweig. Construction works began in September 1989. The building has a total floor space of around 22,000 square meters, 4,000 square meters for the permanent exhibition, and over 650 square meters for temporary exhibitions.
The museum puts special emphasis on the orientation of visitors and a vivid presentation of historical events. Under the slogan “Experience History”, the concept is to draw attention to historical objects and make them come alive for visitors. This happens also through the use of historical film and sound records.
While the political history of the Federal Republic of Germany and the former East Germany (GDR) is the common thread of the permanent exhibition, the presentation of everyday and cultural history also offers visitors an opportunity to deal with their own past and encourages an intergenerational dialogue.
Aside from exhibitions, numerous scientific conventions and events take place at the Haus der Geschichte. An information center with a reference library affords the opportunity to enlarge upon historical subjects individually.
I really should have went into politics, I look adorable up there, don't I?!
It is a very interesting museum in which you can get lost for at least 3 hours... We were almost to the end wher the sound system let us know that the museum was closing soon. But I must admit I did not feel the time fly so fast! There were so many things to see and to experience...
It tested my limts a bit as the signs and notes and comments were in German and even though there were some in English language they did not say the whole story so I struggled through by basic German knowlegde from High School + my more extensive Second World War history knowledge + my husbands knowledge that was way greater than mine and I must admit we had a blast! :)
Politics, Culture, Economy - it's all covered. The museum is for free at any time and any day and you have the option to leave your bag and coats and umbrellas at the entrance. The bathrooms are clean and spacious and there are elevators and stairs so you can choose the means to go through the expo.
If you need the exact address here it is:
Willy-Brandt-Allee 14, Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
If you know German better than me, than I suggest checking their website as well ;)  
They also have a wide range of bikes / motorcycles / cars & minivans and it was a pleasure to look at them even with my limited knowledge about autovehicles.
Fooling around, pretending I was shooting something...
When I saw this Globe in the Museum I just knew I had to have a picture with it as for me it is the symbol of my love for travel and for exploring. One day I wish to conquer every piece of land... working on it ;)
The Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall and families split...
I just loved this cover of the Time Magazine!
Who doesn't love Jukeboxes?!
Me and Dana fooling around ;))
Would you just look at those boots! These boots are made for walking...
Did you know about the story of the hippies caught in the apartment all naked - including the kid?! :)
We couldn't miss the flower power times, could we?!
A bit of fooling around with the flower power mini van :) Me and Dana had fun while taking puictures of eachother... Too bad I was not wearing one of my colored and flowery dresses, they would have blended in perfectly... But the moustache blouse works as well, right?! :p
The Mini Van & Apollo Landing On The Moon
Could I have them, please? Pretty please :)
Yep! You see right! There is Dacia - Romanian car - there ;)
Lovely Wedding Picture, don't ya think?!
Look at that gorgeous blue baby :)
Don't you think the Teddy Bear is quite freaky?!
Now I really really really recommend it and I hope that you lads/lasses will get to see this museum one day. So if you are ever in Koln/Cologne have a short trip to Bonn. Also these posts might come in handy:
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Yours truly,
The LadyBug Who Fell In Love With The Bonn History Museum