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Friday, 9 May 2014

ETA: 3 Months - No Rush

Dear sweet friends,

Here we are! 3 months away from the Wedding Day! I know that I am already married with this awesome and truly loving husband of mine already for over 5 months now - we had the civil wedding last year, on the 7th of December 2013, as a Saint Nicholas present for eachother - but we agreed that we would have the church ceremony and the Big Fat Polish-Romanian Wedding this year. I don't write much about the updates online due to 2 facts:
1) there is not much to tell as we tend not to stress on anything else except the exceeding amount of paperwork that appears to be needed in case of a Romanian-Polish wedding
2) we rather like to keep things between ourselves until we know things are settled one way or another - it decreases the amount of confusion between friends/family when they ask us the same question 1000 times...
But this post is dedicated to my awesome family and my amazing friends, as an update on the wedding proceedings, as we have already started sharing the invitations - yup we had that figured out and sent out a big number of the total amount 3 months beforehand! :) Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! 
Right now we have the invitations already distribuited to my Romanian friends & family (I shot 2 rabbits at once going home for the Easter and also meeting people in order to give them the wedding invitations) + part of our Polish friends & family. We have left to send invitations to our friends abroad - in UK, USA, Canada, India, Spain, France, Portugal, Norway and so on :) - so right now I am gathering all their physical mail addresses. I am keeping my fingers crossed all will get in time ;) We have created 3 texts in 3 languages to satisfy all needs: one in Romanian, one in Polish and one in English (for the international couples coming in ;) ) - of course I did the English and Romanian one and Marek took care of the Polish one, as I am not yet all that proficient in the language ;)))  They did not have the same text and they were all made with different quotes and styles of writing. The Romanian and the Polish one were very formal - as we had to give them to our family as well - but the English one was quite fun and even had a U2 quote from our favourite (and most fitting) song: "Blue eyed boy meets brown eyed girl, Oh oh oh! The Sweetest Thing!" :) It also had a line stating that if one would not be there would be unfriended on FB ;)) I must admit it was quite fun writing it. The Romanian one pointed out a quote from William Shakespeare: "When love speaks, the voice of all the gods seem to be sleeping in the harmony of heaven" - and talked about the Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel was opened for the first time to the Pope in the lovely year 1483, on the date of 9th August ;)
Besides the invitations ready and being spread out we know for sure where the wedding will take place and when. We have the location of the Church Ceremony - which will be the lovely church I fell in love with ever since I came to Poland in my first trip. It is normal here, in Poland, for churches to host concerts of classical music and/or soundtracks. I have been to the Saint Peter and Pawel Church first time 3 years ago and listened to Chopin and Mozart and some OST from Schindlers List. It was inspiring/magnificent as the acoustic was really breathtaking there. From the outside the church has always reminded me of Rome, of the Vatican and the statues overlooking it. Somehow it always felt like home :) It is located in the Old Town district, 5 minutes away by very slow walk from the Main Square ;) And it is the biggest of the historic Churches of Kraków in terms of seating capacity. 
The Church of Saints Peter and Paul is the first structure in Kraków designed entirely in the Baroque style, and perhaps the first Baroque building in present-day Poland. It was funded by the King Zygmunt III Waza for the Jesuit order. The plan of the church as a cruciform basilica was drafted by an Italian architect Giovanni de Rossi. His design was carried out by Józef Britius at first (from 1597), and then modified by Giovanni Maria Bernardoni. The final shape of the present day façade, the dome and its Baroque interior belongs to Giovanni Battista Trevano, who completed them in the years 1605–1619. The Church was ceremonially consecrated on 8 July 1635. In the years 1809–1815, at the time of the Partitions of Poland, the place of worship served as an Orthodox church. Since 1842 until now, it belongs to the Roman Catholic All Saints parish. In 1960 the church was raised to the rank of the Smaller Basilica. And also - according to my awesome and all-knowing husband - I found out that this is the same church in which the parents of John Paul 2nd (The Pope) got married :)
We know where the party will take place though we have not chosen the menu yet - but I am sure it will be yummy as my husbands brother was a chef there for a very long time, until he opened his own place, and he will take care of that ;) We will setup the menu once we will have the confirmation of how many people will be coming. I also know the wedding will be all white - green but you might have had that figured out already - as I adore green and you can also see the colors on the wedding invitations on the pictures ;) 
On the list of things done we also have a kick-arse photographer that came on our way by chance/providence/the love of someone up there who loves us very much :) I shall not disclose him yet but we know him through one of our friends that now lived in Oslo and when she did a small gathering here in Krakow on one of her holidays we met him as well. He was just coming from a Engagement Photosession and had the raw pictures on his camera - and he had the camera with him ;) So we got to see the pictures first hand. I love the way he works with natural light and how the colors look fresh without being enhanced in any program. I am really excited to see him work live :) We are also having today a first meeting with our possible DJ so keep your fingers crossed.
Regarding the wedding dress / shoes / hairdo / bouquet ask me not... I know it is 3 months to go and I should have something by now, but I don't! I do have an idea... I mean several... I will be doing the dress probably at a seamstress as I could not find anything and tell you the truth I did not stress that much either. My awesome husband does not have the costume either but it should not be that hard to figure out :) 
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Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug :)