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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Nature Coming To Full Bloom

Dear friends,

Do you feel summer coming closer and closer? Have you already started planning your vacations? I have seen some eager friends already taking them and I must admit my April-May escape back home was supposed to be vacation like, but I somehow did not see it as such... Did you ever had that feeling you need a vacation after you just had some vacation time?! Going back home was both hectic - by trying to fit it a lot of meetings with friends and family - and lovely - seeing my friends and family. Quite energy and time consuming and not to mention the amount of paperwork that needed to be done after the civil wedding - new birth certificate and new ID! But let us get back to my point: SUMMER!
Last weekend we had some time off with my dear husbands family and we kinda finished handing out the invitations for the church wedding and party to this family - aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. One step closer to getting another thing from our Wedding List checked ;) Well considering that the replies from our guests should come by the 15th next month, we should finish them ASAP. As we speak - or write :) - the invitations for the wedding are already sent to our friends abroad, the Romanian guests are invited and almost all the Polish ones as well :) I shall give us a pat on the back now!
The Lovely Limanowa Church
Just like a seashell/snail :)
The weekend was lovely and quite relaxing - although I am quite stressed about the road there and back again as it has a lot of curves... - and the girls - my husbands sister + brother have 5 young ladies of different sizes/ages - were adorable. We played along and they brought me fresh wild flowers - the ones you can see in the picture above. The apple trees were in full bloom and they smelled lovely!
My adorable husband was kind to take pictures of me so I can then later on send to my mum :) You can see the new haircolor in all its glory. It is not very red but the Ladybugs approved it so that was fair enough ;)
I always love the fresh air from the area. My husband says we are in the mountains and I tease and say that these are just bigger hills :) Of course he may be right but I must admit in Romania we have higher mountains.
Just look at that sky!
You may not spot them, but those are 2 lovely horses :)
When we went home to my husbands family, we had a surprise as they have just bought 2 smaller rabbits and 2 bigger ones - one of which is already pregnant and due to deliver. They were so cute and cuddly but unfortunately I could not pet them yet as they were just brought and they had to settle in the cage. They were still frightened when I visited them but maybe next time I will get to do that and show you more of them - take more pictures, of course, as these were taken through the cage.
Now don't get upset on me and say I am not animal friendly as I have to admit that also last weekend I ate some grilled bunny... I did not know what I was eating until my husband told me, and I must admit it is quite tasty! I ate bunny when I was smaller but I have forgotten how it tastes :) Anyway, it was a treat!
We went to Marek's uncle as it was his birthday and we had a huge grill with loads of good stuff - more pictures to come later on ;) I promise! The dog below is his as the latest, oldest one, died and he had to replace him. The old one was just as big and it was white. This one, from the distance, looks somewhat like a chow chow... But when you come closer it is way different :)  Cute nonetheless! I very much like his uncle, he is a kind and good man and he is very talented when it comes to meat - he is a butcher ;)
He has an amazing and beautiful family. His wife is nice and I think she is the glue that holds them together. He has 2 daughters and 1 boy and all 3 of them look very much like small matrioska's :) you can see they are brothers/sisters. They are really well behaved and have a lot of good sense and they are really smart. I particulary like the bigger sister that is an amazing sweets cook - she does magnificent cupcakes, better than the ones you find in the shop and her toppings never melt, except of course when they are in your mouth! :) They are a beautiful family and I am proud to say I am their friend :) 
As you can see in my pictures, the nature is coming to full bloom and summer is just around the corner - if not already here! Are you prepared for the sun and fun of this year? What are your plans for the vacation or where have you been already? I think my vacation this year already happened - see Koln/Bonn posts - and the next time I will have some days off will be when I would have to prepare for the church wedding and the party... so... we shall see what plans God made for us :) In the meanwhile I would love to hear what you are up to! :)

Yours truly,
The LadyBug With Wedding Plans