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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Strawberry Colored Hair

Dear friends,

Today I shall tell you another story from my childhood. I shall tell you a story about the feathers of a newly born chick, the sun-kissed red hair, the blooming strawberry flowers and the dark red-light brown hair of an young adult. I shall tell you a story that might be the same as your or it may be different from anything you have heard, you will be the judge of that and at the end I would appreciate if you would tell me the story of the color of your hair. I believe that we are so used to days passing and moments gone that we don't think of the things around us - and that are part of us - anymore...We hurry up through life and we forget the little things that made us what we are now. We forget about the time when we were small and we enjoyed the little things in life. Well... today, this post is dedicated also to that :)
When I was born my mother told me I had no hair. I was born bald and that came quite as a shock as my sister had long dark hair and she even had bangs on the side. Thank God someone up there loves me and my hair started growing. It first started out yellow and fluffy and small, like the newly born chick feathers. When it started growing it was yellow just like my mother had it - I even have color photos from that time, and to this day I can't believe that yellow haired child is me! But that did not last long... I have always said that my hair has a will of its own. It never stays the right way and so in time it became more and more curly and it started going red - strawberry red, to be more precise! So by the time I was around 2nd-3rd grade I have pictures of me having long red hair. I love the notion of kissed by the sun. I love to think that this is how I am :) Later on it started growing dark red-light brown and this is the color I have now. It would always come back during summer to the strawberry red color of my childhood but recently as I don't get to go out that much, in the sun, I am still light brown...
I never liked coloring my hair and I can count on the fingers of my both hands how many times I have had color on my hair during my lifetime. The first time was when I turned 14 years old. I had a crazy haircut - that I would never try again in my life! - and I had one string of my hair in the color blonde. My mum proposed me to cutmy hair and I went totally wild and from having my hair long - as you see in the picture below or even longer... - I ended up having short boyish hair. Now you have to realise I have curly hair that never stays into place... well... I though it would stay straigh as it was shorter but I never thought of what I was supposed to do when it would eventually get longer and I would have no method to catch it! Anyway... I had short hair with one single string of hair long, which I did in the blonde color... Oh! The horror! My math teacher never liked it and even if I tucked it back around the head and pinned it down she would still see it and pick on me! She was lucky I loved math nonetheless!
The rest times I colored my hair was when I was in faculty and in total until now I must admit I did it once with the help of my sister, 2 times at the special salon and 3 times by myself. Each time I did not try any other color than red as what I was trying to achieve was the color I used to have when I was younger and I would spend a lot of time in the sun. Then, the sun would kiss my auburn hair and it would turn strawberry red :) Plus each time I have red hair it makes me think immediately of fairies and Ireland... When I was a bit younger and during the summer when I was more natural reddish I was asked - not once! - if I am from Ireland and tell you the truth that is a compliment for me :)

P.S. The strawberries + the strawberry tarts + wild strawberry macaroons were bought with the ocasion of the celebration of 5 months since our civil wedding :) Just a small surprise for my awesome husband :* Kocham cie!

Yours truly,
The Sun-Kissed LadyBug :)