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Monday, 19 May 2014

The LadyBug And The Moose In Nature

Dear friends,

There was once a little twisted red Ladybug. She had a wonderful friend: The Moose. They did not know eachother since they were small but yet they always felt that they knew eachother since forever. They always said that they came from the very same place, the very same planet - not like the ones that say that men and from Mars and women are from Venus. Of course the Ladybug did not pay attention to The Moose for a very long while... let us just say that they were not from the same environment and that the Ladybug was somewhat insecure and much of a tomboy to actually aknowledge the moves The Moose was trying to make.
Fast forward more than 2 years later and guess what? The Ladybug and The Moose are right now happily married and travel the world together. Oh! They do love to travel! The Ladybug has The Flight Travel Bug and she somehow infested The Moose with that also :)
But what they like most is spending from time to time, moments in nature - admiring all the beautiful things that God created on this (still) green Earth. The Ladybug is quite a photography fan so she spends most of her time snapping pictures of the beauties around them - like the kittens and the dogs and the trees and the flowers... Sometimes The Moose just gets bored of her snapping pictures and asks her to stop. She asks for 5 more pictures/5 more minutes and almost all the time she wins as The Moose loves her and she loves The Moose. Sometimes she stops and they just sit together quietly...
They look at the sky and at the mountains surrounding them. The Ladybug teases The Moose and says that the mountains are actually bigger hills. The Moose frowns and the LadyBug smiles wide and starts to giggle... Picking on eachother is always good fun ;)
Sometimes they even go on deadly adventures. They climb trees and then try to get from one tree to another with the help of a rope - we managed to catch them both in the act. The Moose was leading the way and encouraging the Ladybug to hold on tight and go steady on. Quite a trainer, The Moose!
Walking through the forest they even spotted a mushroom. They turned it upside down, sniffed it, asked me to take pictures of them and could not settle down on what to do with it. In the end they gave it as a gift. What can you do with just a mushroom?! - said The Moose. It would not be enough even for a stew!
Sniffing the mushroom...
Measuring the mushroom...
What to do with just one mushroom?!
But a weekend is always fulfilled for The Moose and the Ladybug when they get to see friend. Here you can see them with a darling little girl, friend of the couple for a pretty long time. She is quite a lioness in this picture. The wind was blowing hard that day - in the early month of May - so her golden hair raised up just like a lions mane. Is she a sight for sore eyes or what?! :)
Eh! And in the end of the day what is better than to have a look in the fresh green garden?! Should we take a ride on that swing? asked The Moose. Sounds tempting, said the Ladybug :)

Yours truly,
The Happy Couple :)