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Friday, 16 May 2014

The One About Everlasting Sisterly Love

Dear friends,

I will tell you today the story about a sisters true love. As I was browsing casually the Tumblr account I bumped into this lovely short and real story and I imediately wanted to share it with you as I found it very warm and touching - especially that I have a sister :)
Caroline Walter and her beloved older sister Selma moved to Freiburg to live with their grandmother after their parents died. She went to a school for young ladies and by the time she reached the age of 16, she already had a number of admirers who were attracted by her young beauty. When her sister married, Caroline happily went to live with her and her new husband. In the early summer of 1867, just before she turned 17, Caroline contracted tuberculosis and passed away a few short weeks later. 
Her sister Selma wanted to create a lasting memorial and asked a sculptor to cast a grave in her sister’s likeness. The life size and life like sculpture depicts Caroline just as if she fell asleep reading in her own bed. The grave was placed against one of the outer walls of the Alter Friedhof cemetery which had already been in existence for more than 200 years. It was a peaceful setting, made more peaceful by the beautiful grave of the sleeping girl.
It was soon after Caroline passed away, and the flowers on her grave from the funeral were wilting, that her sister began to notice that a fresh flower was always on the grave when she visited. Months and then years passed and still no one had discovered who might be leaving the flowers. The cemetery groundskeepers could provide no clue but perhaps they were sworn to secrecy.
The inscription at the foot of Caroline Walter's grave says that this memorial was given by her sister Selma with love and that her separation from her loved ones was determined by God's counsel.
I believe that what her sister done was a proof of true love.  I believe that Selma loved Caroline so much she wanted to give her one last gift, an everlasting gift that would show the world her love. I was looking at the sculpture and you can see how detailed it is and the smile Selma put on Caroline's lips is beautiful and sad at the same time. I believe Selma must have spent hours with her sister, who loved to read - maybe she even read to her! - and maybe during that time she might have even sketched Caroline, for fun. She could not have known that those sketches would be used later on, to make the final resting place for her sister. I believe it is wonderful that even after 147 years her grave still has fresh flowers everyday. It is just as if she would have an everlasting admirer :) That is very romantic, don't you think?

Yours truly,
A Romantic LadyBug