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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Things You Should Never Try With A Polish Person

Dear friends,

I admit it, I am an expat for 3 years now and things sometimes are still not easy on me. Living in another country then your own, where you were born and raised is a totally different experience. I am not saying it is bad, it's just different - sometimes things are harder or easier to do here in Poland than in Romania, it all is relative. This is precisely why I am writing this post. This is for my Romanian (and international) friends who are coming in for our church wedding & the party this August :) and not only... Everyone who wants to be safe and remain in one piece should try to learn more about the culture of the country he is entering, so in case you wish to travel to Poland read this carefully ;)
1) Don't say that Polish Language sounds like Russian! Don't even attempt to say that, else you want to enter a fight and you know not how... It is true, they have similar words and they are of slavic blood, but don't ever say this to a Polish lad/lass as you might touch their honour. I believe the Polish people are more upset on the Russians than on the Germans - even with the whole history of Auschwitz/Birkenau and blood being spilled over their land. They will tell you that they use normal letters - with a few accents - and no cyrillic letters so you must be mistaking or your hearing is not as it should be... Just nod and accept, you can't beat them in arguments!
2) Don't try to win in a drinking contest! Especially if it is vodka ;) I almost believe that through their veins does not run blood but rather vodka. For a wedding it is common to calculate at least 1 litre of vodka per person. There have been reported cases of blood alcohol content higher than 1.00%. In March 2009, a 45-year-old man was admitted to the hospital in Skierniewice, Poland, after being struck by a car. The blood test showed blood alcohol content at 1.23. The man survived but did not remember either the accident or the circumstances of his alcohol consumption. So trust me, anything that you can handle, they can handle double ;) so relax and don't try to enter a coma!
3) Don't think that there is any country more proud of its heritage! Polish people are proud and nationalistic. They love their history and they don't lose any chance to tell you stories of their past greatness. Now just think of this, my awesome husband has a tattoo that says "Amore Patria, Nostra Lex" - the motto of the hussaria. In the blood of the Polish people, beside vodka, runs also patriotism! They were the only ones who managed to conquer Moscow and have tea on the Kremlin. Now tell me, how cool is that?!
But all that aside, they are fun and warm and kind. They resemble very much the Romanian people so the connection is immediate. Even if you do not speak/understand Polish and they English/Romanian I can bet you will have an awesome time - sign language does the trick and in short time you will be best friends for eternity ;)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Who Lived Between Polish People For 3 Years