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Sunday, 29 June 2014

April - June In VGA Size

Dear friends,

Today my lovely husband went away on yet another business trip and I will be going to the Air Show most probably so my energy is so very low that I shall just share with you a few pictures from my BB phone. I wanted to share these pictures a while back, as they make me smile when I look at them, as I remember the times when I took them. The snapshots below were taken between April and June this year in both Romania (Iasi) and Poland (Krakow and Warsaw). I could make from each a different post and tell you longer stories but my time recently is very much limited, so please forgive me :)
1. The Slowacki Theater one fine night without moon. All is dark except the well lit facade. I just loved how bright it seemed, like a beacon of light in the darkness.
2. Nobody makes better pierogi then at Babcia Malina, near Slowacki Theater - deep fried and with butter on the side, they make your mouth water even when you think of them :)
3. Mister Tic's brooche, from my lovely sister, sits gracefully on the cover of Eragon - relaxing home in Iasi, being happy with my family
4. One of the best sweets in Iasi can be found at Moo Cafe @ Palas Mall - this particular one was with strawberry and it had a mini-macaroon on top :)
5. Five small and sweet ladybugs hold hands and dance upon my desk at work - a gift from dear friends that made me smile wide :)
6. Krakow Business Park sign  at the train station - my new working place. This was taken after the interview, when I was thinking what would happen if I would be given the job. What would I do for 15-20 minutes daily in the train? Now it is so simple: I read! :)
7. Lovely sticker in Iasi, on one of the windows from the London Pub - Distance sucks indeed! I wish I could take all my friends and family with me, here in Krakow.
8. Fresh strawberries, please! The first strawberries of 2014 - not as sweet as the ones from my childhood, but close ;)
9. Tilting biker in front of the empty stage
10. Bubble Tea - the yum yum drink of summer, discovered 3 years ago and loving it still!
11. StreetArt in the Kazimierz area - the best place for zapiekanka ;)
12. Fresh watermelon - surprise done by my awesome husband ;) the first taste of the summer!
13. Fresh flowers in the basket of a bike, somewhere in Krakow. Little things like this make me smile wide and think that humans (real ones, with feelings!) still exist...
14. A Crane - or The Start Of The Making Of 2000 Cranes :) Right now we have about 1800 pieces made by both me and Marek. If you wish to know why we do this, check out Google for The Legend of 1000 paper cranes (origami) ;)
15. A funny looking door sticker in Warsaw City Center - a happy doggie flapping his ears, while listening to music :)
16. A pot of fresh flowers from Magda's civil wedding and green green grass outside the window... Love you Magda, and I am so very very very happy for you :*
17. A fresh and bloody red poppy in Krakow Business Center green zone :)  Who doesn't love a flower in its natural habitat and not in a glass/pot?! Well I love them uncut and living longer ;) 
18 & 19. Yet another festival in Krakow, yet another scene in the Main Market Square and rehearsals. But why do they need the lyrics for the songs to be displayed?! Will they actually forget it? That seems a bit... bad! doesn't it? :)
With this opportunity I would like to thank my amazing husband for the Blackberry and the amazing memories that he gives me each moment. Kocham cie bardzo :* How about you lads/lasses? What does your phone show when you browse the pictures you take? I surely hope they are not all selfies ;)  I hope you take short and fast shots of the things that catch your eye and make you smile. What do you take pictures of with your phone? Or you just rather use the camera? What happens though if your hands are caught up and the phone is faster to reach? ;) 

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Already Missing Her Husband :)