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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Book Release: Mr. Tic And Other Loves From Musatini (Street)

Dear friends,

Remember when I was telling you a while back about this amazing girl called Laura, who was writing a book and gathering funds to publish it by selling dresses with a story behind them? Well guess what?! She made it! :) The book release is today - 21st of June 2014 - at 15:00 at the tea shop in Palas Mall Iasi - to be more precise, the CTS Corner.
I am so very proud of her, and when I saw the below picture with Mister Tic and the fresh bounded books I felt so happy for her and so proud of her for achieving her dreams. There are few people who still dream nowadays, and still fewer that manage to make their dreams come true, yet here she is with the fresh bounded book :) I will soon be the proud owner of one and I will be so happy having it in my hands, as all 3 of them worked so hard on it: Mister Tic had to figure out each second what new tricks he could do and ways to steal and hide each stone he would lay his little bean eyes upon, while Laura wrote the stories in a beautiful and full of feeling hand and Andrei took out of this world photos to come next to Laura's story in order to give you a bigger picture :)
I first met Laura online - through my adorable sister who told me about her and I ended up following her with a happy heart :) Only almost 2 months later I met her in person, during my trip home. And trust me, in real life all 3 of them are even more adorable than online :) You would have to see Tic running like crazy between everyone's feet, experience him running after a stone that probably "attacked" him :)))  or even frightening the cats of the house so much they would get in a few para-seconds on the top of the house, while he would be down with a huge smile on his face... I really believe that he would do them no harm, he is just all for fun :)
Here you can see one of the very first pictures Tic had with the gorgeous book. The book looks so colorful and very well build that I can barely wait to get my hands on it and read Laura's stories about Mister Tic and other loved things from the Musatini Street :) Unfortunately the book right now is only in Romanian language but who knows... Laura told me there might be a posibility that she may translate it in English one day, but there is a chance that fun stuff with be lost in translation :( as Romanian language has so many twists and turns and corners that when we say one thing it may mean 3 different things ;)
Mister Tic and one of his precious stones :)
The cute part is the fact that the very first books were given away with Mister Tic's autograph - his little cute paw imprinted on the very first page of the book. Isn't that just adorable?! I bet he was thinking something like "Why is Laura asking me to do such work? I am a star! I should just sit in a rocking chair and drink milk 24/7 now, while others come to worship me!" ;))) He may be right, you know?! He is just so adorable! You better get to Palas Mall Iasi CTS Corner today at 3PM and get your own copy ;) If you can't make it, you can order it online here. You will have 232 pages full of stories and love only for 38 lei :) I - for one - think everyone should read it ;)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug that loves Mister Tic's stories :)