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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Celebrating The LadyBug - 1 Year

Dear friends,

What a ride this year has been! Today this small and home-like blog just turned 1 year old! I am having mixed up feelings about this but they are all positive in the end. When I started this blog I wanted to make it easier both for me and for my family & friends to see what I am doing. Before starting this blog I had constant questions about how and what am I doing and what are my plans. Now the plans are out here for them to see and to ask away questions. In this way I never got the same question twice - as I used to :) 
This blog went through a couple of phases where I had no clue how it would look like, how many tabs and subjects I would talk of, and as time went by this place became larger and larger and from posting pictures I did with short lines of description it turned out into a "full time job" :) Maintaining a blog and finding ideeas to write about each day sometimes can be quite of a challenge and I am proud to say I have done this for a full year and never missed a day! I dunno if I will keep going in this pace or I will ocasionally take some time off and not write for a day or two - most certainly I would need to do that in August, when I have the Church Ceremony + Wedding Party...
Along the way I met some adorable/gorgeous/amazing/creative/funny people in this trade and I must say I love bloggers and I love blogging! If one would be able to have it for real a full time job, now that would be something! :) Unfortunately as far as I tracked, here in Europe is not that frequent - rather in the States, where as usual the possibilities are unlimited, but maybe as I will blow the 1 year muffin I will make a wish for it ;) Anyway... if I would wish upon a star I would also wish for blogging conferences and meetings... closer to Poland :) and I would wish for inspiration and time and patience and subjects and freedom of speech - all combined make the perfect ingredients ;) 
I would like to thank each and every one of you lads/lasses for sticking around and reading my stories or just enjoying my pictures. A grand thank you also for the lovely ladies and gentlemen who took their time to write to me or comment the posts I had until now :) A big hug to my awesome husband and my family back home for being the best supporters I could ever have :) A warm bear hug for Bekah for being there and supporting me along the way :* and for Bonnie and her amazing skills in taking photos - she is the one who got me started into #traveltuesday :) also for the delicate Carina - all the way from Australia - who has the most yummy reciepes and adorable warm light pictures :* and loades and loades and loades of hugs and kisses and muffins for everyone reading this! If ever you are in Poland/Romania while I am there, just drop me a line and I shall be your guide :) 

P.S. I would dearly love to hear your opinions on my year so far and if you have any tips/tricks or suggestions for me, up your sleeve :)  I will dully note it down and see what I can alter :) Have a lovely weekend, dear sweethearts :*

Yours truly,
A Thankful LadyBug & An Adorable Moose