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Sunday, 8 June 2014

I Can't Ride A Bike

Dear friends,

As you may know, and as you have probably read on many other blogs or internet pages, last Sunday we celebrated 1st of June - Children's Day. Well today is Sunday all over again so I thought I may share with you some pictures from 1st of June. Now we did not celebrate it 100% children-like but we did go out to check what was happening in town and I must admit it was more crowded than usually and loads of children were everywhere... it was as if they were not there before and they just popped out of nowhere!
I know that you probably know that kids don't appear out of nowhere and that they are not left for the parents by a fairy, under the cabbage leaf, so I trsut you will understand my shock when I saw Krakow invaded by children/youngsters... But let us not get ahead... We started the day by dropping by the Galeria Krakowska, where for the first time the first "race" of the World Cup Bike Trial started! 
They tried to bring this event to Krakow for quite a while and they finally managed it. While we were there, watching this we could hear the names & countries represented and it was nice hearing from how far away they came in order to test their bikes next to the Galeria Krakowska :) Well, everyone has a hobby and I must say it is nice when ones hobby becomes an actual performance!
We did not stay very long but it was refreshing to see how serious they were and even if they failed 3 times they would still try out again until they would get on top of the tree. Skills + perseverance + focus - all in one :) And seeing them fly from one piece to another was just magical!
After the run with the bikes I must admit one more thing to you. As I said in the title, I cannot ride a bike. I can blame it on my sense of balance, but hey! I really wish I knew how to ride one. I never managed to ride one without the helping wheels and using them now at this age would be really shameful.
I tried when I was small but it seemed not to be my thing so I switched to other activities to fill up my time. I surely hope our kids will not have my sense of balance and they will learn how to ride a bike... I somehow feel like I am missing up a whole lot of fun!
Anyway, after the World Bike Cup we went to the Main Square where there was a Dragon Parade :) It was so packed with people that I did not manage to take a lot of pictures and try as I might to catch a dragon I did not manage :( Maybe next year... So keep your fingers crossed :) But the weather was perfect so we went round the Main & Small Square and came home where we watched some M.A.S.H. and ate some strawberries. How about you? How was your last weekend? And this one? Any particular plans for this Sunday? Or tips/tricks on how to teach a 20-something year old how to ride a bike? ;p 

Yours truly,
A Happy LadyBug :)