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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I Have Faith In Friendship

Dear friends,

There are small things in life that make you smile so wide that you don't know how to help yourself from continuously shining through the love you feel. Exactly one week ago, the postman rang at the door and I was wondering what happened as we were expecting no letter and no package. I was tired from work and regaining energy with a quick shower and when I exited and asked Marek what happened he pointed to me the package on the bed... SURPRISE! (indeed it was!) I have many friends split in all the corners of the world and I thank God for Internet/Facebook/Skype that I can get to still keep in contact with them. The package came from dear sweet Ema :) All the way from USA!
I met Ema almost 7 years back, when I went to the USA. We lived in the same house, in the same room, in the very same bed :) I miss you darling, I miss our talks in the nights and early mornings, I miss the baths in the Atlantic Ocean in early morning hours and for sure I will miss you at the wedding :* I wished you could come and I knew it was hard for you, nevertheless I wished you could be here... The package was from Ema. Ema stayed in the USA and her home is there now, with her son and with her lovely husband. I am happy for her but that does not mean I love her less :) I love her even if we are miles apart. Love and friendship, when is true, beats up miles. I had big eyes when I saw the pack and I wondered from where it could be, but when I saw USA it was clear :) I opened it up quickly and I found the most pretty wedding album with engravings of our name and the wedding date + a beautiful quote by Oscar Wilde: "Who, being loved, is poor?" - and I'm just gonna say Amen to that!
Some people say and think that Friendship is a fickle thing, yet I believe that love is true and if you love someone truly and that person is your friend, than I have faith in friendship. It is true, you will get your heart broken and you will see friendships crumble and fall... you may think that you know one person, just to see years later that in fact people wear masks. I can't tell even now 100% of the time when they do, but that is a part of life and we live and we learn. We get burned, yet few dear sweet hearts will remain next to you no matter what. You have people, friends, with which you pass through good and bad and halfway through life they would kick you away and some will stay and some come back in time. People are fickle yet love remains. I think that when God made me he spilled too much from the Love and Friendship bottles, but also from Remembering :)) I have faith in Friendship and I believe that next to Love that is one of the things that Humans should hold dear. You get to choose your friends (not your Family) so choose carefully and look deep down inside who would you like to stand by you when in need - and the other way around, of course!
You have Friendship when you don't judge, but you speak up your mind and you help one another. You have Friendship when you both walk at the same step, you may not be doing the same things but none of you will lead and none will follow. You have Friendship when you don't love people by halves, but you love them entirely and you would do anything for them. You have Friendship when you just look at eachother and somehow you end up on the beach at 3 AM, fighting the waves together. You have Friendship when even if you don't speak daily you still keep track of eachothers lifes and you celebrate the big events of life together :) Life would be horrible without Friendship... And life would be horrible without my dear sweet friends, no matter how close or far they are :* I miss you Ema :* I miss each every one of my friends, far far away from my hugs reach! :) Love you dear pieces of heart of mine!
Yours truly,
A LadyBug Who Believes In Friendship