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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Top Favourite 3 Cities I Visited In USA

Dear friends,

Here we are at yet another #traveltuesday :) I was thinking a lot about the time I spent in the USA lately so I thought I might do a post about the top 3 places I have visited in the magical summer of 2007 in the United States of America. Without any further ado, here they are:
1. Philadelphia aka Philly = The Queen Of My Heart
I think I visited this city around 4 or 5 times as it was very close to where I was living - only 2 hours or so with the Greyhound (bus transit system) from central Atlantic City :) From the very first moment I was fascinated by the old town feeling and the red houses made out of red bricks. The streets with no name come into my memory and me wondering about them and thinking how lovely it would be if I would live there... it was one of the most quiet and chic places I had seen in the USA. It had a 80s feeling about it, as if time stood still so that memories would not be memories but a constant in ones life... I fell in love with the LOVE sign, with the Street Of All Nations and the Romanian Flag :) and the Moldavian one ;) ... I fell in love with its museums where everything is interactive... I fell in love with Rocky's stairs and his statue :) I stood in awe of the Liberty Bell that weights 2080 pounds and you can see its crack :) I stood where Benjamin Franklin stood and where the Declaration Of Independence was signed - and I would go there again, anytime! It was the first city I rode a horse carriage for tourists... 4 crazy youngsters in the late evening, checking out Philly by night... Oh, those were great times, my friends :)
 2. New York City aka NYC = The Crazy Place Where People Have No Time
Oh, this was my transit spot :) The first flight I had was a 8-9 hours flight from Bucharest to New York JFK Airport and it was a thrill. I loved every moment and I would do it again! Besides that I visited NYC with my dear sweet friends who live in Canada but came to visit me while I was there. We spent a full day in NYC and I am sad I did not have more time. The best place in NYC - for me, at least! - was the Empire State Building! As soon as we took out from the Greyhound I saw the New York Times central site and I fell in awe over how tall the buildings were... But as soon as I saw the Empire from afar my heart skipped a beat. The view from the top is breathtaking and worth every minute spent in the queue to get there! Did you know that the first capital of the United States was New York City? In 1789 George Washington took his oath as president on the balcony at Federal Hall ;) I remember walking slowly in the evening by the pier and boarding a ferry to Staten Island and passing by The Statue of Liberty. Oh, my heart has a special place for this crazy city where everyone moves constantly on Fast Forward :)
 3. Niagara Falls - the USA side = The Insane Adventure
Here we are, at the border of Canada and USA :) For me this trip will always remain in my heart as The Insane Adventure - when we almost made it to jail due to lack of visa on our passports for Canada :)) always check which Niagara Falls you are putting on the GPS or else you will get to Canada, like we did, by mistake :))) But all the crazy time aside, I loved this place and every minute we spent in it. Now the fall is a sight for sore eyes at any moment of the day :) In the night it is colored as a rainbow from the sets of lights and the foam raises high-high wanting to reach the sky. I remember seeing it from afar, when we were coming by car: a great wall of foam raising... we were wondering what it could be when it hit us like a hammer: The Niagara Falls! We took a ride on the Maids Of The Mist and we entered the fall... got wet... screamed out loud to see if we could hear eachother :) I would do this trip again and visit The Falls at any given time ;) Did you know that about 567.811 liters of water flow over The Falls in one single second?! P.S. Visit The Three Sisters Island and take a short break there ;) Great views!
How about you lads and lasses? Have you been to the USA? I know I have some friends out there in the blogosphere, that I check out frequently, that are established in the USA :) so I would love to hear what are your top 3 cities back home. What do you think about my picks?

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Sometimes Misses The USA

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