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Thursday, 17 July 2014

DIY: Peppers Stuffed With Meat And Rice

Dear friends,

Guess what?! I must tell you that after my beans with meat success I figured out I should give it another go and prepare one more dish that - from my memory of my childhood - seemed pretty easy to do. As Marek did not manage to try the beans - I must admit, I ate them all before he came back from the business trip... - I said I would do the second dish the day in which he would come. He arrived early morning at around 1 AM and I did this dish in the previous evening. Depending on the fire and the number of the peppers and their size it can take up to 2 hours to cook + the time to prepare them.
Here are the ingredients for 4 portions for 2 peppers each:
  • 8 big red/green/yellow peppers - you choose the color, you can even combine them
  • tomatoe juice - around 300-400 grams
  • one egg (raw)
  • one pack of 500 grams of meat - the kind you would use for meatballs
  • onion (one, big - mine made me cry really bad...)
  • one pack of 100 grams of rice (white and long - that is what I used)
  • fresh herbs
  • a bit of sunflower oil
  • salt & pepper + other condiments to your taste :)
  • some bacon :) (this is my secret ingredient!) - everything tastes better if you add bacon!
First thing you need to do is make sure the peppers are clean and their seeds are taken out and the white parts as well. We will be stuffing the composition into it so make sure all is good to go and squeaky clean. Also make sure you don't break the peppers or else the content will spill out. Put them to dry out with the cut end down. In the meanwhile you can work on the composition, which is very easy - just mix them all in one big bowl: the meat (the best would be if the meat would be a combination of beef and pork), the onion cut into very small pieces, the rice, the salt & pepper & other condiments + the fresh herbs. At the end also add the one egg - it will help keep the composition into place. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty! Clean your hands and put them in and mix them all around until they be one :)
When all is done, take the composition and stuff the peppers like you mean it! But don't do it up to the top as while they will boil the composition will grow a bit and they need space to grow. At this point my special ingredient is the bacon. I cut it into small pieces and fit them as a cap for the peppers so the composition does not run out of place :) also it will give a certain something to the flavour. It is your choice if you wish to try with or without it ;) 
Next you should take all the peppers and put them in a pot. On the pot's bottom it would be awesome if you could pour a bit of oil so the peppers would not stick to it while boiling. Make sure they are all fitted well and in place, with the opening placed up. Boil some water and pour over it until they are all submerged. Add some more salt + pepper + spices (maybe even some laurel leafs) and the tomatoe juice and let it boil :) If you wish to keep the peppers into place, I suggest placing a ceramic plate over it, turned upside down ;) Don't let them boil at high fire, cook them medium to low - slowly and watch over them from time to time. You can also eat them with sour cream on the side ;) If you manage to do them, let me know how it goes :) 

Yours truly,
The Wannabe Cook LadyBug :)