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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Don't Miss New Krakow StreetArt

Dear friends,

I must admit that very soon I shall let you be for a longer while as I will be involved in our very own wedding. My parents and my sister and my most adorable and wise Granny will be here, with me - with us, to celebrate one of the most important days in my life :)  I am glad and I can hardly wait for this evening when I will get to come home after work and hug and kiss them terribly hard! I took some time off from work - starting morrow until next Thursday! - and I hope to take my lovely ladies out for a spin/stroll/walk in the park :) But don't worry, I will come back ;)
In the meanwhile I will share with you 3 pictures of a lovely piece of street art from Kazimierz. It is fresh from the oven and you certainly did not see it before - except if you are based in Krakow and go about Kazimierz quite frequently. I believe it was done during the Jewish Art Festival or during the Street Art festival that happens each and every summer, around this time, like clockwork :) I managed to see this piece in person more than 2 weeks ago and I ran to snap some shots while my amazing husband patiently waited for me to finish - I bow to his patience when it comes to me taking pictures.
I only wish I knew what each part represents and these 3 lasses were priceless :)
So fear not if I am not around for a while, it is just because I wish to have some time off with my family. But no worries, there will be pictures and stories when I will come back and if you play nice and all is well I may even show you some wedding pictures as well, taken by our most talented fotographer which will not be named for the time being :p he will be a surprize ;)  and you will love him as do I, for his exceptional skill :) In the meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!

Yours truly,
A-Bit-Frightened-About-All-Wedding-Stuff LadyBug