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Saturday, 2 August 2014

ETA: 1 Week To The Wedding

Dear friends,

No need to panic, you may have known this by now, but there is just one more week until The Wedding! What do you mean: What wedding?! Why of course the church ceremony and the glorious wedding party hosted by yours truly & my adorable husband :) One more week until we will see the results of our work and have fun with the ones we love and care. A lot of things have changed since we started the very first idea of this wedding but one thing surely remained firm: our love :) 
Now I heard and read many articles about how to do the perfect wedding and what should be done at what time but I believe that truly remains up to the couple and they will decide things in their own pace. Take it from me: theoretically one week before wedding the bride should know her wedding hairdo and makeup and at least try it one on - well I have not! Today is my first hairdo "fitting" and I don't even know if I will do something or just have a talk with the "artist"... Decisions, decisions! Not to mention make-up and the fact that I know not where I will be doing that!
At least we have the important bits covered by this time:
  • We know the number of guests and we know (90% of the time) how they will get from the Church Ceremony to the Wedding Party - not a small thing considering that they are one hour and a half away from eachother (the locations)
  • We have the locations figured out for both the Church and Party - actually that is one of the first things that should be covered. We (actually my husband came with the great idea) figured out the Party place 2 years ago and booked it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay in advance. The Church came later on - I think at the beginning of this year
  • We have the suit for Marek and the wedding dress for me - with matching shoes and whatever is connected to the clothing part. The suit was a lovely choice and I think he will look dashing with a bow tie :) although we did not find a proper green color to match my shoes & bouquet... so we went with the classic black color. My dress is ready but I did not pick it up yet. I plan on taking it home 2 days max before the wedding so nothing bad will hapen + in case I need modifications it is better to do it then. I heard that the week before the wedding one loses a lot of weight - I ain't counting on that, but I need to be sure all will be fine :) 
  • We have an adorable photographer - thank you again Monica for having such an awesome and talented friend :) I will not tell you more about it now, but I will share with you the photos as soon as I will have them myself and I will tell you more about him ;)
  • We have a young and fun team of 2 DJ's and an animator who will help us create the athmosphere during the wedding. As you might have figured out the wedding will be bilingual held in Polish - English so everyone would be able to understand. Even the Church Ceremony will be held as such :) 
Of course there are hundred of other details but I consider these as the most important ones :) Each bride has the right to categorize and figure out what she wants and what she can actually get for her very own wedding. Think big but think inside the budget as well. See what you would cut and what you truly wish to spend money on. I, for one, am really proud of our photographer and the church but I am sure all the details combined will mark a beautiful wedding :) How about you? What did you do 1 week before the wedding? What details you did not have figured out yet?

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Thinking About Weddings :)