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Friday, 15 August 2014

Ladies Day Out @ MIYAKO SUSHI

Dear friends,

Here we are, almost a week after the wedding, with everything done - everything settled. Well, scratch that! we still have one more thing to go: the after wedding session but we have not figured out yet when that will happen. All my family and friends are back home, safe and sound. We payed all the things needed, put down the wedding dress and suit to take to the cleaners and started browsing our friends photos from the wedding.
Tell you the truth it is quite sad to see the house empty. I miss my sister very much and I wish my family would be closer but that is one of the decisions the expats make. It is hard to have your heart split in different places yet somehow we pull it through. We are in the age where people communicate faster and I am happy I don't write a letter and mail it and then wait for a month or more to get an answer back. In this times I thank God for Facebook and emails.
Reflexions in my sisters sunglasses
I am thankful that so many people special and important and dear to me managed to come to our wedding. I was blessed to have my mum and dad and my adorable big sister with me. But best of all was having my granny here. Was watching her being happy for me and understanding that Krakow is indeed a beautiful place and that Marek's family is warm and kind and adorable :) and that they do take care of us. She was happy that someone does look after us and that we have someone here to care. 
Another dear and special person who came was Mihaela - my "aunt from Canada" :) now she isn't really my aunt. She is my mothers best friend and she moved to Canada in 1989. I love her very much and she loves me as her own child. She is sweet and caring and fun and I am happy she could be with us and meet Marek in person :)
I was happy that after the wedding I had another day with all of them. This Monday I can say that we had a ladies day out - with the ocasional bumping in of Teo (my sisters boyfriend) and Marek. Mum, Granny and Miha went out shopping and then met at Starbucks for a coffee. That is where I met them and that is where we started having fun.
Later on the ladies got hungry so Miha proposed Sushi. Now me and Miha we like to try new stuff and we ate that before and we like it. There was only a small issue: mum ate only once in her life Chinese Food (with me, in Iasi) and Granny never tried it. This, I must admit, was fun! Granny agreed on all, as she is a good sport, and she went on Miha's hand/choice - I believed she liked it! :)
Me and my lovely Mum :)
We even used the chopsticks and no forks!
And we took pictures of eachother ;)
We went to Miyako Sushi - located inside the Galeria Krakowska, on ulica Pawia 5, at the last floor, food court area in the middle. As you use the stairs you will see Starbucks on your right and Miyako on your left. It is the first japanese restaurant in Krakow and it specializes in seafood. It is open from Monday till Saturday from 9 AM to 10 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 9 PM.
You can eat there or you can always take away. There is also possibility to order online or just call their line and order and they will bring it to your place. We ordered a table for 4 but it could host more - the one we were seated in - as when Marek came, he was able to join us freely.
The menu is diversified and everyone can pick and choose to their liking - be it vegeterian, vegans or people who favor meat (like myself... You know, I am afaird to admit this, but for me the best vegetable is the pig!). We started with seafood soup with cheese and I must admit that was my first time trying it and I quite liked the taste. It isn't like the crab soup I usually have but it is very tasty!
Then we had a sushi lunchbox and we had fun playing with the chopsticks and teaching granny the ritual of having thin slices of ginger between the dishes, in order to keep the tastebuds clean and enjoy the flavours as much as you can. I especially liked the sushi rolls and the salmon in the honey sauce + the lichee/lichy fruits that always taste good ;)
After that we had some deep fried crab with rice and seaweed on the side. The crabs were actually very tasty and crunchy so they were my personal fav part of the meal. To tell you the truth, I would not mind a portion of that right now :p as they were extremely yummy and I ungratiously stuffed myself with them... To my defense in was after the wedding ;)
Marek had some noodles and was kind enough to come and stay with us and bare me translating back and forward between mum - Granny - Miha and back again. Sometimes I really feel like we should have a translator with us so I can get all the info going through to all parties. As it is, I constantly feel like things are slipping through my fingers...
Anyway... we topped everything up with something sweet, of course! Mum and Granny and Miha had ginger icecream and I had lemon sorbet. That was extremely sweet and sour at the same time. It had whipped cream + pomegrenate seeds + a marshmallow on top, along with some passion fruit and other tropical eatable flowers/fruits which names escape me right now... Sorry for my ignorance :)
The YumYum Sorbet :)
Overall that was one great meal and with these lovely 3 ladies, how could it not be? I will miss them terribly :( What am I saying, I already miss them so much I wish they would be here again. I would do the wedding one more time just to have them here - next to me. I love them all: my sister for being a pain in the arse I cannot live without, my mother for guiding me and being my best friend, my Granny who is my second mother and tutor during my childhood years and my lovely friend-aunt-guardian angel Mihaela :* who was always there for me :) unconditionally, wherever I went.
And of course I could not finish this letter without thanking my very own amazing husband. We were united by both Polish and Romanian law in December, but now we are united in front of God and the entire world. I love you Marek, and I want to thank you for being how/who you are. What can I say?! I have an awesome family and I am proud of each and every one of them. I love spending every second and every minute I get with them and I am sorry I could not make this last week pass slower. I am sorry the day does not have 48 hours... I miss them and I wish they would come visit soon. But in the meanwhile, until my sad mood goes away, do go and visit  Miyako Sushi  and let me know what you think of it ;)

** This post was made out of love for the food we had. I was not repayed in any way by Miyako Sushi and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! **

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Who Loves Sushi

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