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Monday, 11 August 2014

Places To Go To In Kazimierz: Stajnia

Dear friends,

A little while back, as we were planning to meet our lovely and talented photographer to setup details on the wedding, we were strolling around Kazimierz. As you may know, Kazimierz is famous by being the oldest and most notorius old town - jewish district. If you ever get to Krakow you need to let yourself go and get lost in this place. There are so many pubs, shops, restaurants, museums that you can actually get yourself busy each day of the year without doing the same thing twice :)
As I was saying, me and my adorable husband agreed to meet Mateusz W. for a cold drink in a very warm and humid day at the end of the month of July. He had to come to Krakow - flight from lovely Germany - and have a engagement photosession with a couple and after that we had to meet. It was somewhere around 8 PM but considering summertime the sun was still up and we had a lovely walk to the Jewish District.
We never were there before, but we thought we might as well give it a go: Stajnia - is the name of the pub/restaurant that we did try that day and we very much liked it even though it was a bit crowded and the area - as usual - was very much full of tourists.
Pub Stajnia is situated in the middle of one of the oldest jewish district in Krakov – Kazimierz. Not only period interior with traditional decor but crazy, night parties as well are one of the most characteristic features. Specific pub’s climate is created by a suitably music from differ region of the world including latino’s rhytms and the 80’s music.
Located on Jozefa 12 it is quite easy to find, being really close to the best zapiekanka place in town: Plac Nowy. So if you wish you can grab a zapiekanka and just sit and have a beer on the terrace of the Pub Stajnia. The lovely part is that they have menus in both Polish and English language and the waitresses look pretty knowledgeable. The place is very retro and you feel as if you stepped back in time - or that even time stands still for that particular place in time...
The prices are pretty much ok considering the location and the flux of people coming in. The mojito virgin that I had was quite exquisite! and I would very much like to go there again. They have candles on each table and when the darkness sets down they put lamps with candles. The walls are decorates with old persian rugs and mirrors and clocks and old photos + very much unseen photos from movies shot in that location.
You may not know this but you will surely figure that out when you will be there... One of The Schidler's List locations of filming in Poland was this very place. The wall next to which we positioned ourself was with stills from the movie + unseen photos from the shooting of the movie. Take care if you wish to sit there and have a bit of quiet... It is actually the most popular place to come and stare at :)) Even the #FreeWalkingTourKrakow on the Jewish District passes through there so we had quite a crowd of people next to our table ;)
If you wish to know, you can even rent rooms there ;) You can rent rooms, each has a private bathroom, TV and internet. All guests are welcome to dance events. Tuesdays reigns salsa, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the music of 60-90. And trust me, when I want inside to visit the little ladies room I had the pleasure of seeing people dancing without any restrictions :) And that was lovely and romanticly done at the candlelight :) What do you think? Would you mark Pub Stajnia on your To Go To List for Kazimierz? For Poland?

** This post was made out of love for old places. I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! **
Yours truly,
The LadyBug Who Loved The Virgin Mojito :)