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Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Love Of A Mother (In Law)

Dear friends,

All the time I hear mother in law are a pain and that they make your life a misery or even worse... hell-like. Well to tell you the truth, I really believe that someone up there loves me and my adorable husband very much - both my mother in law and his are the most adorable ladies that walked upon this land. Marek's mother accepted me and loved me at first sight and she made me feel very comfortable inside their home. Each time we go to Marek's place it feels very much like home and I come with positive energy and good vibes from there.
At the beginning I could barely say yes/no in Polish and I would understand even less than 10% of what people around me were saying. Now after 3 years in Poland I understand almost 80% if they don't rush about it when speaking, and if they don't start with dialects :) The best conversations I have happen with the smaller ones, with Marek's sister/brother's children. I can see from Marek's mum's smile that she loves me and that she approves of me and that she is happy I am part of the family and that makes me happy in return :)
With my mum it is a bit easier still as she understands English language so if Marek says something there is a high chance she will get it. I even surprised them having longer and diversified conversations using pictograms - drawing and making sketches. They get along just fine, and as Marek studied Italian/Latin language and Romanian language has a latin base, he even figured out when we were trying to give him a birthday party - the first time he came to Romania. My mum always trusted my judgement and she welcomed him with open arms. Hey! She always keep saying that she did not loose a daughter but gained the son she never had ;)
Now since the civil wedding last year, when she got to meet face to face his parents/family, she loves him even more and to everyone's joy the families really love eachother :) So what can I say, the love of a mother (in law) can break all barriers of language, space, frontiers, nationalities. They both love eachother and when they see our love for eachother that makes them love us even more. I believe that our mothers in law love us for the love we have to eachother. They see the respect and they see how we complete eachother and they are happy we found ourselfs in this whole big world :) How do you get along with your mother in law? And what about your significant other?

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Very Much In Love With Mothers :)