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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Where Did The Summer Go?

Dear friends,

I should have figured it out by now, after all I am in Poland for more than 3 years! that Summer does not quite exist here. At the beginning I would hear people complaining about weather, about the constant rain and the chill and the cold. I did not pay any attention to it and they would laugh and say that when I will truly start complaining about the weather and all small things, that is the time when I will be truly Polish at heart... Well, guess what?! the time has come! I figured out just this week that more than ever my range of complaints about weather has grown exponentially to the amount of water poring from the sky nowdays...
That means I have passed the stage which and expat in Poland would still feel not home-like. To my defense, there is quite a big difference in weather between Poland and Romania. Take the example of Romania - Iasi, the city I am from - that had this week 0% chances of rain, humidity 50% and wind of 19 km/hour with an average tempetarure of around 25 degrees Celsius during the day. On the other hand, in Krakow, this week we had 80% chances of rain, humidity 88% and wind of 5 km/hour with an average tempetarure of around 18 degrees Celsius during the day... don't get me started on the night. We had to stop sleeping with the window open :( and rain never ceases... it feels like Great Britain... And to think that quite soon Winter is Coming! it brings a chill to my bones.
I thank God for the moments during the day when rain stops and the sun appears. I pray that more moments like that come during the weekend, so I can get to go out and have a lovely walk with Marek. Not to mention that we still need to do the Wedding Photo Session that was scheduled for last week, but guess what?! It got postponed due to rain :))) I see only a good side due to rain: the mushrooms are growing and we got to pick some when we were home in Limanowa (thus the photo above)... I remember being a child and listening inside the sound of rain, drinking tea or something hot. That sound still makes me calm, at peace... I just wish though I would not have to go to work layered non-stop with an umbrella always hanging by... God, I just wish for some sun, so I could go out and stretch like a small fly... enjoying the warmth of the sun... God, please give us a little bit of summer sun! At least for morrow... 

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Misses The Constant Rays Of The Sun