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Saturday, 13 September 2014

3rd Time's The Charm

Dearest friends,

Guess what?! A bit more than 6 days ago, in a lovely Sunday morning, we managed to have our very own wedding photo session. I know I told you a while back, when we tried to go for the first time, that timing and weather was of great essence. We wanted to take the pictures outdoors, as we are not quite the type of people who would enjoy staying locked up in a room - a limited space - and posing. The natural life, the outdoor, the sun shining/rain falling/wind blowing and so on... managed to get us out of the shell much quicker. Mateusz W. - or awesome friend and photographer - found a while back a lovely place in the mountains. It was love at first sight for him and so it was for us too :)
The place you may not know... It is not that popular, it is retreated from the world, which made it perfect :)  Jurgów is a small village (c. 900 inhabitants) in the Spisz region of southern Poland, near the border with Slovakia and the town of Bukowina Tatrzańska, on the Białka river. It used to be a part of Slovakia. It lies approximately 2 kilometres (1 mi) east of Bukowina Tatrzańska, 15 km (9 mi) north-east of Zakopane, and 81 km (50 mi) south of the regional capital Kraków.
The Obviously Necessary Selfie :)
So take that into account: 81 km from Krakow means around 2 hours or so by car. We wanted to catch the sunrise and the first lazy autumn sunbeams so we woke up around 3 am... Oh, sweet sleep... The only thing I wanna do in the morning, during the weekends, is to sleep longer than 5 am (the usual hour when I wake up to go to work or the gym...). At 4 am Mateusz came to us, to pick us up, and we were gone with the wind :)
The Child In Me Wanted The Windmills :)
Mateusz W. Panorama :)
Someone up there definetely loves the 3 of us. Waking up at 3 am, trying out for the photo session for the 3rd time, shooting photos in 3 different locations... huh! I really do believe that 3 was the number of the day and truly for us the 3rd time was the charm :)  We had such lovely weather, such misty mountains that it all went perfect! I did not even change the shoes... I did not put my lovely green shoes, I just stayed with the warm army boots. Tell you the truth, they saved me from twisting my ankles and being neck deep in mud ;) Cross the image away that at the end of the session all 3 of us had the shoes squashing from how much water they had inside, from the mountain dew...
Yum yummies in a jar :)
Sour cherry compote, please :)
To top the day up, halfway home we got so hungry and tired that we stopped at a traditional place that Mateusz knew, and I must admit it was a lovely finding and I really wish to go there again. The building was all made out of wood, with several floors and a huge entrance made out of huge stones (probably taken from the river?). The ivy was covering the walls from the outside and it looked lovely... especially now, in autumn, when the colors start changing.
Mateusz had previously a wedding session there and that is how he knew the place, and that it had good food. And right he was ;) When we went inside, they were just finishing up on taking things away from the tables - there was a big wedding the other night. They had all the white flower pots taken aside and also the small Remember-Me-By's - those were very cute kids windmills and I asked if I could have 2. I was allowed to do so and I picked 2 green ones, one made out of paper and one out of plastic :) I can't help it, deep inside I am still a child! :)
I loved very much the interior and how the place was decorated, all out of wood and stone. From Mateusz I understood that is typical for the region we were in . I think that is just lovely and it had a couple of very nice touches - for examples, the long benches, made out of wood, had the side on which you sit covered with sheep fur :)
We had breakfast and I must admit that it was one of the biggest and the best breakfast I ever ate. All 3 of us had eggs. Marek and Mateusz had scrambled eggs with ham and I had regular sunny side up with strips of bacon on the side... mmm... bacon! <3 Did I mention ever how I believe the greatest vegetable is the pig?! ;))) Nevermind that, back to breakfast :)
Of course besides that we were given a huge basket of home-made bread. Almost as tasty as the one Marek's mum does :)  Also we had some butter and we ordered some coffee - for Marek and Mateusz, the lads of the house - and some tea. Did you know that in Poland it is customary to drink tea not with sugar but with raspberry juice? I think that is wonderful and if ever I have the chance, I love drinking it like that ;)
Hot tea and Raspberry juice always go nicely ;)
My portion of eggs
Even the way the food was presented was extremely appealing to me. Marek's and Mateusz's eggs came directly in the pan they were made and mine came on a big platter. They were simply smiling out to the world for a perfect day with lovely warm weather. It is always a pleasure hanging out with Mateusz. He is lovely to work with and he is smart and has loads of ideas. He plays with the light and he composes the pictures very well. He was the perfect choice so we can hardly wait to see the finished product :) It will take a while so you guys need to wait with us, but trust me, it is worth it! :) How was your wedding photo session? Did you manage to do it the first time or other things came in the way? I would love to hear your stories :)

Yours truly,
A Very Happy LadyBug, In Love With Her Pinnochio :)