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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

LATEST NEWS On Being An Expat

Dear sweethearts,

This is just a short update post for all you lovely lads/lasses out there :) Remember how I was telling you a while back, in May this year, that I was in the top 4% of the most popular reviewers in Krakow? Well, guess what? Yesterday I just got an update from my beloved Tripadvisor site telling me that right now I am in the top 2% :) 
But how awesome is that! To be aknowledged in my reviews with over 16,000 readers. That truly put a smile upon my face. It makes me proud to say that I am an expat living in Poland, in beautiful Krakow. There are so many things one can do and see and experience in this lovely city!
Also this week, on lovely Monday morning, my expat interview went live on the one and only blog portal for expatriates: You can read my interview about being an expat and let me know of how you feel about being an expat yourself. Blog Expat is run by expatriation experts and professional expatriates and of course by all the users who share their knowledge upon the places they lived or live in still. 
Considering that life abroad is better described by those who live abroad, they provide a list of international blogs around the world. They also give the possibility to open your free blog and take advantage of all tools provided in the Easy Expat community. I love the people there. They are open minded and friendly and if you have questions, people will try and you as best they can. They know that they have been in a similar situation (or that they can always be one day in your place) and who doesn't like some help!? I recommend the site with all my heart :) I would love to hear about your expat experiences as well. As you know... sharing is caring ;)

Yours truly,
An Expat LadyBug